Guest Writer: Jack Reichelt

I thought it’d be really cool if I would get things written by my friends here and put them up. The idea is to use them as a sort of mirror so that they can tell a story about us from a different angle and hopefully you’ll get to know something about me that I wouldn’t say myself (everybody sees themselves differently to how they really are). Jack however, didn’t want to play this game so I recieved this.

So, Tom asked me (Jack) to write a guest post.

My first thought was, “Urrrgh…” followed closely by, “Am I even interesting?”

Now, obviously, those two lines wouldn’t be a very good blog post. So I thought about it (for a whole five seconds) and worked out what to write. But then Tom said that it should involve both of us. But I liked my idea, so I wrote that and Tom said no. My response is to write something else, and then tag my original idea on the bottom, like some sort of bizarre bonus content.

Finally, I decided to take something I had already written before and modify it. It’s my concept for a book/character or whatever. It’s rather gloomy, but I can’t think of anything else to write. Tom will probably rebuke this one too, but it’s a step in the right direction, I feel.

Simon led a fairly normal childhood. He grew up in a relatively large town, doing relatively large town things. He was a thin, wiry boy, content to play in the trees by himself. He did, however, have a few odd traits. His hair was the most obvious one. It was a clean white, unlike any others in the town. His eyes were the other things. One was a pale grey, almost blue in the right light. The other slowly changed over time. There was no pattern and no predictability to the changes or when they would occur. However, they were normally pale, almost sickly, colours.

Occasionally throughout his youth he noticed a few things. When he was upset or angry, he would retreat into the woods. On these trips, he would often notice things. The trees seemed cold, almost lifeless, and no animals were heard, even the insects, though he paid no heed as he was too caught up in whatever had upset him to begin with.

Things first started to go wrong for him around age fifteen. He had begun to notice girls and was particularly attracted to a pretty blonde girl named Jasmine. They spent a lot time together and he grew increasingly obsessive. One morning, after they had spent the afternoon together, Jasmine was found dead in her bed. For most people there was little by way of explanation. For Jasmine’s parents and brother, all they knew was that it happened after time with Simon.

They were unable to prove anything but they felt it was Simon’s fault and swore he would be punished. They threatened him and swore that they would make him pay for what he had done. Slowly, things around Simon began to decay. Buildings crumbled and fell, people fell ill, and those already sick swiftly died. Trees and plants withered and dried before his eyes wherever he went.

People became suspicious of Simon as the cause of the plague was speculated upon. To Simon the cause was blatantly obvious. Vengeance. This world had taken his love, the reason for his life, from him. So he would take its life from it. By the time he was seventeen, the town was gone and he was becoming a formidable force. He started wandering the land, searching for places rich in life to punish. He took a new name, calling himself Typhus, a name designed to wipe away his past and fully embrace his new abilities.

He now wanders the world, sucking the life from it, using it to fuel his growth and his powers. He aims to learn enough to be able to bring back Jasmine, to be his bride, until the world runs dry of life and nothing will fuel their unnatural existence.


—Original Idea—
I decided to write down my typical thought process and let YOU (the viewer) decide if I am interesting. So here goes.

“Well. I can’t think of anything to think of. Which in itself is a worry. How inactive does the brain have to be before you are officially brain dead? Should that be a new paragraph? Oh well. How is it that people with two friends, neither of whom I know, manage to find and add me on facebook? It seems slightly unlikely, that of all the random names they could type into the search bar, they choose mine?

Now I’m thinking about names. When I have kids, I’m not going to name them. I’m going to wait until they are old enough to decide for themselves. They will probably hate me, as they go through school being called, “Kid 1” or something. But it’s for their benefit. Maybe they could gain their name as a rite of passage, when they hit puberty, or have their first kiss or lose their virginity. Wow, by that logic I might not have a name. I wonder what I would call myself. Probably Alexander. I’ve always liked that name.

I think I’ll change my name soon. It’s annoying having John on all my official documents. This will probably make some comments asking why I’m called Jack if my name is John. I probably won’t answer. Or maybe I’ll answer now? Nah, forget it. Too much effort.

Wow, this has taken me about ten minutes to write… I think that is enough of a snippet to let people decide if I am interesting. I think this might actually be boring. Maybe Tom will make me write something better. Damn. I mentioned him again. Okay. Enough. They don’t need to know anything more about the twisted train of thought that normally goes through my head.”

So there you have it. A tiny slice of my (ab)normal brain activity. So now tell me:

Am I even interesting?



How I survived a Zombie Apocalypse (part two)

Continued on from part one..

The plan was that since you can only be killed when nobody else heard your would be killer say the words “you’re dead” or “you’re infected” Matt, Kenni, James and I would stick together in a Left 4 Dead group of four and be safe. When we saw a suitable victim, one of us would go in for the kill and the others would stay back.

This worked really well, and it wasn’t long before I’d stacked up more kills in that one night then I had during all of the murder game, but then we started noticing something. The people were starting to behave as if they really were in some kind of zombie movie.

You may have heard about the Stanford Prison Experiment in the ’70s where people were put in a mock prison and given roles of guards and prisoners. After only a few days though, people started to act like they were brutal guards or prisoners in a jail. Much pain followed and the experiment was cut short.

Something similar might have happened here.

People started gathering into hordes. When our little Left 4 Dead crew would try to approach large hordes of humans they started to shout. Some of them even tried to infect us. Can you believe the nerve?

Some time later that night, the human horde had somehow transformed into a zombie horde (again, I feel as if this were partly my fault) and made a wall of zombies, stopping us from passing. Eventually we got backed up into a corner. Somehow Matt and I got separated from Kenni and James and we had to run up and down some flights of stairs to escape.

After several dead ends when we saw zombies and had to turn around we eventually made our way into the library where Matt and I had lots of friends. Several of which were working on a newsletter and didn’t appreciate zombie hordes interrupting their work. They informed the zombie horde of this loudly and in no uncertain terms.

It was at that point that Matt and I made an executive decision and took a break from the game to get back our energy. So we helped with the newsletter (helped may be the wrong word), played a few card games and generally had a good time.

However.. the whole time we were doing this the zombie horde was standing in a big group at the entrance to the library staring at us.

When we tried to get a drink of water they formed up, some of they pushing, trying to get close enough to whisper to us. It was proper mob pushing. I don’t know how we got through but somehow we did and we entered the tutor (camp leaders) area which gave us some degree of safety.

I had a long think about all this, had a drink, and eventually wondered over to Ben (the creator. and therefore, god of the zombie game) and handed him my cards, effectively committing suicide. Zombie Apocalypses are too much for me to handle.

Besides, it was starting to impact my social life, I passed the rest of the night talking to some very pretty girls, whom would not have trusted me, had I not ended my part in the apocalypse.

So what’s the point of this whole story? Zombies are scary, so a good Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan is important.

How I survived a Zombie Apocalypse (part one)

The following is the true story of how I survived a Zombie Apocalypse (of my creation).

In the christmas break this year I want to a camp called the national computer science school and every year they play a game called Murder. In Murder all the participants are given a secound nametage with the name of their victem on it. The aim of the game is to hunt down and kill your victem by saying “You’re dead” without anybody else hearing you. If you manage to kill your victem they hand their card over to you and the person on that card becomes your new victem. Get the most kills and you win. Simple.

This game had been running for many years so all of the kinks had been worn out of it. Play went pretty good, atleast I think so (I won). Infact the director of the camp noticed the massive outlier that was my score and told all the kids “Don’t be caught alone with Tom Parker. He will kill you”, which hurt both my game and social life.  The next game worked… less well. I feel like I should accept part (most) of the blame for this.

The Zombie Game Rules:
1) The humans don’t know who the zombies are
2)Humans can kill anybody by whispering “you’re dead” to them
3)Zombies can turn humans into zombies (and work with the zombies) by whispering “you’re infected”
4)If a human accidently kills anouther human then they become (and work with) the zombies
5)There are only a few zombies at the start of the game
6)The team that wins is the team that’s still alive at the end

Matt and I (the two top scorers in murder) assumed that we would be selected to be the starting zombies, seeing as we are such darn good killers and all. But instead we both got put as humans.

This game was designed to be a stealthy game, all about sneaking around and finding infomation on who’s a zombie. Unfortunatly Left 4 Dead 2 had just been released and we all really liked it. So rather then the sneaky approach we thought it’d be fun if we turned the game onto “Apocalypse Survival Mode”. Instead of being stealthy and only killing the people that we knew were zombies Matt, Kenni, James and I decided to go around killing everybody, human and zombie alike. Reflecting back I’m not sure how we thought that this was a good plan.

I’ll finish this off tomorrow. The Ring is on.

Tom and Laura make a story

Laura and I made this story during a lesson of digital imiging when we were bored.

The rules were that if you want to do something you roll a die, score a 1 and you epicly fail, roll a 2-3 and just fail. Roll a 4-5 and you suceed! Roll a 6 and you WAY overshoot. You can probably tell when we rolled a die.

One day there was a girl named Laura.

She decided to go for a walk.

She came up to a fence and tried to jump over it.

She managed fine without any dramas.

Over the fence was a large oak tree.

She decided to climb it.

Unfortunately, she got stuck up the top.

Laura called for help and a boy named Tom appeared.

He decided to try and get her down.

He threw a rock and broke the branch and Laura fell down and broke her nose.

Laura, then tried to punch him

And she got him square in the face.

Tom tried to retaliate,

But he tripped up and hit his head on a rock and passed out.

When he came to Laura was trying to draw on his face.

He had whiskers, a moustache and lipstick.

He tried to rub it off

But smudged it all over his face.

While that happened, Laura tried to fix her nose

But it got stuck crooked.

Laura then proceeded to try and kick the kneeling Tom

But she missed and slipped up.

Tom manages to get up

And tries to give the girl a dice to make up for it.

She accepts and forgives him…for now.

They both try to jump over the fence at the same time

But their legs hit each others and they tripped and stumbled into the barbwire fence.

They tried to untangle themselves

And twanged the barbwire towards a nearby bull.

The bull tried to chase them

But he was on the wrong side of the fence.

Tom and Laura saw a horse and tried to catch it to ride home.

They both hopped on and giddied up.

The horse tried to jump over the fence

But it tripped up and fell on the kids.

The bull walked up and started sniffing the kids

And licked Tom’s face.

Laura tried to convince the bull to get the horse off of them.

The bull throws the horse into the fence and smashes it down.

The kids attempt to walk over the remains of the fence

And they finally made it.

Laura then realises she left her ribbon in the tree and tried to make Tom get it for her.

He agrees and tries to climb the tree to fetch it

But he falls down from the second branch.

Laura huffs, looks at him in contempt and tries to climb the tree herself.

She made it to the top, grabbed the ribbon and jumped down landing with a superman pose.

Tom tries to kick her down out of spite

But he hurts his foot on her superman leg.

A second cute guy walks past and Laura tries to impress him with her superman pose.

He looked at her in contempt and keeps going.

Laura tries to kick Tom as if it is his fault for breaking her nose

But she misses and lands on her bum.

The horse looks at Laura sitting down and wonders if he should poo on her or not.

He then thinks better of it and poos on Tom instead,

But the boy scrambled out of the way in time tripping over Laura.

She glares at him and sticks her tongue out.

They both get up and attempt to brush themselves off.

Tom and Laura accidently moon the empty, but of cows and horses, field.

Blushing they pull their pants up… but they give themselves wedgies as the second

Cute guy wonders past again.

He winks at…Tom…

Laura laughs hysterically now that she knows why he wasn’t impressed with her superman pose.

Tom wonders if he should smile back…but turns his face away as he blushes.

A cute girl suddenly rode up on the horse and saw him.

Tom raises one eyebrow at her…she laughs hysterically and continues on her merry ride.

The girl on the horse looks at Laura and winks.

Laura looks horrified and turns away rapidly.

The cute boy suddenly looks at the girl on the horse

And they ride off together into the sunset.

Tom and Laura are left bloody, lost and miserable.

Suddenly a commet falls from the sky heading straight towards Tom.

Laura leaps out of the way in time for the tennis ball sized meteor to hit tom in the forehead.

Why telling jokes is bad.

One day I was sitting in home group and the teacher noticed that my good friend Laura hadn’t been at school for three weeks. She asked the class if any of us knew where she was.

Now, at the moment on Desperate Housewives one of their daughters had run away to a monastery to hide her pregnancy.

So when Miss Hoffman asked if anybody knew where Laura was I casually joked to the person sitting next to me, “She’s probably gone off to join a monistary so nobody will find out that she’s pregnant”.

Either this girl didn’t have a sense of humor or she had a very good one because before morning recess she had told all of her friends that Laura was pregnant. Then before lunch they had told all of their friends. Before the end of the day most of our year level thought that Laura was pregnant. This continued for several days, and even worse, the story had grown! People figured that the only way I could have known that she was pregnant was if ‘I’ was the father!

Needless to say Laura wasn’t impressed with me. Apparently she was actually in the goldcoast living it up on the beach. The first thing she did when she saw me was attack me. She does martial arts..

AND for my next birthday my sister got my a box of condoms. Thanks sis.

Why hello there!

So my name is Tom Parker (hence Park Daddy) and a few months ago my good friend Daniel Linke (Linke) started up his very own blog. Time has passed and there is still only three posts (one of which is just a link to a video of Britney Spears), it can be found here. I’m a competitive sort by nature and at the time of writing he only has two followers (sadly I’m not one of them). I figure that if I can beat that I’ll be doing pretty good.

This seems like a nice a place as any for me to state what I plan to write in here (this is, however only a plan and extremely likely to change at any time). At the moment I am in year 12 at a high school in Australia (I really don’t know much about how things work in other countries so lets just call it the big important year before further study at university) so I’m extremely busy with homework. At least… that’s what I’m supposed to be doing, I never seem to have anything to do, I’m usually bored in my free periods so I decided that a blog would be a pretty efficient time sink.

I do hope that this will actually be able to help me, I plan to put most of my assignment up onto here (not that I will have many with nearly all maths a science subjects). I also really enjoy english and writing stories and would love to get some feedback. My work ethic isn’t great though (this who project is pretty good proof of that) so there may not exactly be a rush of creative work coming out here.

My other great passion is computers, I throughly love programming. For a year of two now I’ve been programming with Python and just lately I’ve started on C++. I also want to post some of my programming projects up here and see what people think about it.

I think that there’s a pretty good first post, next up: Tom’s values (aka a big list of Tom reckons).

On the other hand it’s just as probable that a funny story will happen that I will feel the need to put up here.