Why hello there!

So my name is Tom Parker (hence Park Daddy) and a few months ago my good friend Daniel Linke (Linke) started up his very own blog. Time has passed and there is still only three posts (one of which is just a link to a video of Britney Spears), it can be found here. I’m a competitive sort by nature and at the time of writing he only has two followers (sadly I’m not one of them). I figure that if I can beat that I’ll be doing pretty good.

This seems like a nice a place as any for me to state what I plan to write in here (this is, however only a plan and extremely likely to change at any time). At the moment I am in year 12 at a high school in Australia (I really don’t know much about how things work in other countries so lets just call it the big important year before further study at university) so I’m extremely busy with homework. At least… that’s what I’m supposed to be doing, I never seem to have anything to do, I’m usually bored in my free periods so I decided that a blog would be a pretty efficient time sink.

I do hope that this will actually be able to help me, I plan to put most of my assignment up onto here (not that I will have many with nearly all maths a science subjects). I also really enjoy english and writing stories and would love to get some feedback. My work ethic isn’t great though (this who project is pretty good proof of that) so there may not exactly be a rush of creative work coming out here.

My other great passion is computers, I throughly love programming. For a year of two now I’ve been programming with Python and just lately I’ve started on C++. I also want to post some of my programming projects up here and see what people think about it.

I think that there’s a pretty good first post, next up: Tom’s values (aka a big list of Tom reckons).

On the other hand it’s just as probable that a funny story will happen that I will feel the need to put up here.


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