Tom and Laura make a story

Laura and I made this story during a lesson of digital imiging when we were bored.

The rules were that if you want to do something you roll a die, score a 1 and you epicly fail, roll a 2-3 and just fail. Roll a 4-5 and you suceed! Roll a 6 and you WAY overshoot. You can probably tell when we rolled a die.

One day there was a girl named Laura.

She decided to go for a walk.

She came up to a fence and tried to jump over it.

She managed fine without any dramas.

Over the fence was a large oak tree.

She decided to climb it.

Unfortunately, she got stuck up the top.

Laura called for help and a boy named Tom appeared.

He decided to try and get her down.

He threw a rock and broke the branch and Laura fell down and broke her nose.

Laura, then tried to punch him

And she got him square in the face.

Tom tried to retaliate,

But he tripped up and hit his head on a rock and passed out.

When he came to Laura was trying to draw on his face.

He had whiskers, a moustache and lipstick.

He tried to rub it off

But smudged it all over his face.

While that happened, Laura tried to fix her nose

But it got stuck crooked.

Laura then proceeded to try and kick the kneeling Tom

But she missed and slipped up.

Tom manages to get up

And tries to give the girl a dice to make up for it.

She accepts and forgives him…for now.

They both try to jump over the fence at the same time

But their legs hit each others and they tripped and stumbled into the barbwire fence.

They tried to untangle themselves

And twanged the barbwire towards a nearby bull.

The bull tried to chase them

But he was on the wrong side of the fence.

Tom and Laura saw a horse and tried to catch it to ride home.

They both hopped on and giddied up.

The horse tried to jump over the fence

But it tripped up and fell on the kids.

The bull walked up and started sniffing the kids

And licked Tom’s face.

Laura tried to convince the bull to get the horse off of them.

The bull throws the horse into the fence and smashes it down.

The kids attempt to walk over the remains of the fence

And they finally made it.

Laura then realises she left her ribbon in the tree and tried to make Tom get it for her.

He agrees and tries to climb the tree to fetch it

But he falls down from the second branch.

Laura huffs, looks at him in contempt and tries to climb the tree herself.

She made it to the top, grabbed the ribbon and jumped down landing with a superman pose.

Tom tries to kick her down out of spite

But he hurts his foot on her superman leg.

A second cute guy walks past and Laura tries to impress him with her superman pose.

He looked at her in contempt and keeps going.

Laura tries to kick Tom as if it is his fault for breaking her nose

But she misses and lands on her bum.

The horse looks at Laura sitting down and wonders if he should poo on her or not.

He then thinks better of it and poos on Tom instead,

But the boy scrambled out of the way in time tripping over Laura.

She glares at him and sticks her tongue out.

They both get up and attempt to brush themselves off.

Tom and Laura accidently moon the empty, but of cows and horses, field.

Blushing they pull their pants up… but they give themselves wedgies as the second

Cute guy wonders past again.

He winks at…Tom…

Laura laughs hysterically now that she knows why he wasn’t impressed with her superman pose.

Tom wonders if he should smile back…but turns his face away as he blushes.

A cute girl suddenly rode up on the horse and saw him.

Tom raises one eyebrow at her…she laughs hysterically and continues on her merry ride.

The girl on the horse looks at Laura and winks.

Laura looks horrified and turns away rapidly.

The cute boy suddenly looks at the girl on the horse

And they ride off together into the sunset.

Tom and Laura are left bloody, lost and miserable.

Suddenly a commet falls from the sky heading straight towards Tom.

Laura leaps out of the way in time for the tennis ball sized meteor to hit tom in the forehead.


4 thoughts on “Tom and Laura make a story

  1. That has got to be one of the better ways to write a story. 😛
    That’s completely ridiculous and I like it. lol

  2. Fine blame me! I only edited it because YOU CANT SPELL! We also did it in Notebook or Wordpad so we didn’t have an automatic “spellcheck” tool.
    I think i did pretty good. If i left it as it was, there would have been a whole lot more wrong with it than just the word comet.

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