Why telling jokes is bad.

One day I was sitting in home group and the teacher noticed that my good friend Laura hadn’t been at school for three weeks. She asked the class if any of us knew where she was.

Now, at the moment on Desperate Housewives one of their daughters had run away to a monastery to hide her pregnancy.

So when Miss Hoffman asked if anybody knew where Laura was I casually joked to the person sitting next to me, “She’s probably gone off to join a monistary so nobody will find out that she’s pregnant”.

Either this girl didn’t have a sense of humor or she had a very good one because before morning recess she had told all of her friends that Laura was pregnant. Then before lunch they had told all of their friends. Before the end of the day most of our year level thought that Laura was pregnant. This continued for several days, and even worse, the story had grown! People figured that the only way I could have known that she was pregnant was if ‘I’ was the father!

Needless to say Laura wasn’t impressed with me. Apparently she was actually in the goldcoast living it up on the beach. The first thing she did when she saw me was attack me. She does martial arts..

AND for my next birthday my sister got my a box of condoms. Thanks sis.


7 thoughts on “Why telling jokes is bad.

  1. I never knew you got the idea from desperate housewives 0_0 I just thought you were a super perv.
    Your also missing parts of the story as well. After three weeks of being pregnant apparently i died in childbirth…
    -_- a girl at school almost cried when she saw me…she thought i was dead. 5 days, 5 different rumours. Don’t you love high school?

    • That actually pretty impressive. I don’t think ANYONE at my school would’ve cared if one of us had died during child birth. Though we would’ve had a whole school assembly about it and all got very bored. 😛

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