How I survived a Zombie Apocalypse (part one)

The following is the true story of how I survived a Zombie Apocalypse (of my creation).

In the christmas break this year I want to a camp called the national computer science school and every year they play a game called Murder. In Murder all the participants are given a secound nametage with the name of their victem on it. The aim of the game is to hunt down and kill your victem by saying “You’re dead” without anybody else hearing you. If you manage to kill your victem they hand their card over to you and the person on that card becomes your new victem. Get the most kills and you win. Simple.

This game had been running for many years so all of the kinks had been worn out of it. Play went pretty good, atleast I think so (I won). Infact the director of the camp noticed the massive outlier that was my score and told all the kids “Don’t be caught alone with Tom Parker. He will kill you”, which hurt both my game and social life.  The next game worked… less well. I feel like I should accept part (most) of the blame for this.

The Zombie Game Rules:
1) The humans don’t know who the zombies are
2)Humans can kill anybody by whispering “you’re dead” to them
3)Zombies can turn humans into zombies (and work with the zombies) by whispering “you’re infected”
4)If a human accidently kills anouther human then they become (and work with) the zombies
5)There are only a few zombies at the start of the game
6)The team that wins is the team that’s still alive at the end

Matt and I (the two top scorers in murder) assumed that we would be selected to be the starting zombies, seeing as we are such darn good killers and all. But instead we both got put as humans.

This game was designed to be a stealthy game, all about sneaking around and finding infomation on who’s a zombie. Unfortunatly Left 4 Dead 2 had just been released and we all really liked it. So rather then the sneaky approach we thought it’d be fun if we turned the game onto “Apocalypse Survival Mode”. Instead of being stealthy and only killing the people that we knew were zombies Matt, Kenni, James and I decided to go around killing everybody, human and zombie alike. Reflecting back I’m not sure how we thought that this was a good plan.

I’ll finish this off tomorrow. The Ring is on.


4 thoughts on “How I survived a Zombie Apocalypse (part one)

  1. Protip: It’s spelled “Victim” Just for future reference or if you wanna do an find and replace. 😛
    and “Second”

    Other than that, it’s well written and explains everything very well. I like your style of writing.

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