Tom’s Arch-Nemesis

So those of you that are gifted with the power of observation will notice that the name of this blog has changed. Not that Parkdaddy’s Blog wasn’t a perfectly awsome name, it’s just that I felt that I finally understand what this blog is documenting. My neverending crusade against my arch-nemesis, Bordem.

I realised last night when I was playing soccer (the reason why there was no post last) that alot of my actions are caused by this personal battle of mine. This entire blog is good proof of that.

Take last night’s soccer game for example, I went as goal keeper for a while, rather than keeping quiet and watching the game carefully I talked the entire time (more often then not to myself) about the game. I actually got told to take the game more seriously. I got told to take SOCIAL SOCCER more seriously.

That’s something else I’ve noticed, my life is governed by a fun to effectiveness ratio. If I’m going to do something effective, it’s got to have a certain amount of fun involved. Take last nights soccer game for example, somebody has the ball and I need to get it off of him.

Possible actions:
1) Running as fast as I can at the person with the ball. Effectiveness: low, Fun: High
2)Approaching slowly and jockeying (that’s special soccer talk for dancing around like an idiot) Effectiveness: High, Fun: less

Tom’s action: 1, running as fast as I can at the person with the ball.

Result: He dodged and I sail right past him. It may not have been effective, but I made a sound when I ran so it was very fun.

I don’t always just choose the most fun option though. Consider this situation.

Tom is having discussion (argument) with a girl about whether or not she looks pretty. Possible responses:
1)”Oh course you look pretty! I love you!” Effectiveness:High, Fun:low
2)”You look pretty when you’re angry like this.” Effectiveness:low, Fun:high

In that case I would choose option 1. No matter how funny option 2 is.

At least.. I really hope I would. Sometimes I go a bit crazy.


6 thoughts on “Tom’s Arch-Nemesis

  1. I’m not sure if its intended, because im usually rubbish at picking things like this up, but bordem is spelt boredom… If it was intended, ignore this comment…

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