The Stairway Of Death

When I went to the  National Computer Science School I stayed at (and there is no easy way to say this) a place called the Womens College. And one day my buddy Henry and I decided to go exploring (I’m not sure why we decided this, but I’m sure we had a good reason). After we had searched a few (rather boring) places we ended up in an area we had never been in before a few stories up  faced with a red door.

The smart thing to do might have been to leave the nasty looking door alone which may have been effective but not very fun, so instead we opened the door, walked in, and closed the door behind us. Inside was a dirty staircase that seemed to go right to the top, and bottom of the building.

So off we went, wondering down the stairs. The only thing was.. when we got to the next platform.. there was no handle on the door. We thought that this was curious but decided that it was probably a one time thing.

Except.. when we got to the next landing, the door there didn’t have a door knob either. We were starting to get worried at this point so we walked back up the stairs to the door we came in through… but it didn’t have a door handle either. Seeing as the top floor was only one landing up we checked that one next. But once again, there was no door handle.

At this point we were starting to get worried. We started going down the stairs faster and faster but each door we saw didn’t have a handle on it. When we finally got down to the bottom floor we saw three doors all with handles… but two of them had locks.

You would think that we would have learnt not to open strange doors but we tried out key cards in the doors with locks first, unluckily they were rejected. Finally, we turned the handle on the door with no lock and we saw outside! But, it was also a place outside that we had never seen before. Dubious as to what we should do we discussed our options, we didn’t want to get caught in a place with no way to get back inside the college.

But as we were talking an extremely loud and aggressive alarm started going off right next to us!!

So what we did was close the door. And run away. We even found our way back inside later.

Even later than that we tricked Matt inside of it.


2 thoughts on “The Stairway Of Death

  1. “I stayed at (and there is no easy way to say this) a place called the Womens College.”

    Yes there is.

    “I stayed at a place called the Womens College. and it’s exactly what it sounds like.” 😛

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