Guest Writer: Chloe French

So I asked my buddy Chloe if she wanted to write a post in here for me. And I recieved this. Oh my. Love you Chloe.

Upon being asked to write something for Tom’s blog, I actually had NO idea what to write, so the man himself has instructed me to write about how we met. So…

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Chloe. She was…wait, IS, pretty freakin amazing *beams*

Anyway. One day Chloe was sitting on the lawn at lunchtime with her friends, one of which was a girl called Hannah. She was messaging her boyfriend, some weird Tom guy.

Somehow, in a series of events she cannot recall, it was decided that Chloe would message Tom, too, and pretend to be some other guy who was hitting on Hannah.

And so she did.

Tom was MAD.

But then he wasn’t.

And then this one time, at band camp…actually, it was in Gawler, but yano. Chloe went for a road trip, do do do do do do do, all the way to Gawler, with Hannah, and met the kid IN PERSON.

Kind of.

She hasn’t seen him since *sniffles*

But now Tom is Chloe’s bestest friend in the whole world. =)

Nooowww that that bits done, I’ve been given permission to waffle! But I promised to add a “Tom” in now and then. *waffle waffle waffle* what’s a waffle? Like a pancake, I think. I LOVE pancakes. Nomnomnomnomnom. With butter. I have this weird thing, where I put butter on the pancakes, and I have to be able to see it, so if it melts, I put more on. I wonder if Tom likes pancakes…

I had a maths test today. I think I did okayy. Tom is good at maths. But can’t tutor me via text. *sniffles*AND HE WONT GET MSN, BECAUSE HES A BUM FACE.

But I love him anyway, I guess. *sigh* =P

IVE GOT A LUVERLY BUNCH OF- EEEEK. Greg just kicked my door. Scared the bejebus outta me! And totally ruined my amazing song =|


You know who else fails? People who can eat whatever they want and not put on any weight at all. Like David. And *cough* TOM! *cough* ahem…other…people. >.> And then there’s me, “Oh look, a chip! *munches* WHAT. WHERE DID ALL THESE FAT ROLLS COME FROM!”  I’m pro at hide and seek, I can hide in my rolls. And who needs a school bag, when these rolls also serve as hidey-holes!

Speaking of holes, I live in one =| Dear Earth, you may swallow Jamestown up now, kthanks. Love Chloe xoxoxoxoxoxooxx. Tom lives in Nurioopta a hole? I don’t know, I’ll have to google it. The last time I was there was like, when I was aboouuttt 2 or 3 or 5 or something, for a Wiggles concert. I remember some amazing dancing coloured-skivvy-wearing men, and I remember dancing..but not so much the Nurioopta part. Dear Earth, don’t swallow Nurioopta up JUST yet, wait for my command. Love Chloe.

Yeah, coz I control the earth now =|


You know what I’d do? Make Tom do weird stuff for my own amusement. *nods* good idea? I thought so. When I’m really rich, imma hire him as my personal masseuse/tutor/stylist/personal trainer/hugger.

More on Tom. Pretty sure he’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. If a friend is someone who knows you and still wants to be your friend, then he’s a friend, x100. He actual knows everything about me, from the awkward and very embarrassing to what homework I have. He tolerates all my bitching and whinging and PMS and bad self esteem, can usually make me feel better. I will never understand why he still talks to me, but I don’t caree. He’s around, and I’m lucky =)

So anyway, this waffling is making me hungry. HA. GET IT. WAFFLES? FOOD? HUNGRY?

Yeah okayy. I fail at the whole ‘humour’ thing. So now that I’ve bored you to death, probably got you all hoping I book an appointment with a psychiatrist sometime in the VERY near future, and made Tom ashamed to be friends with me, imma chooffle off to eat some more Glad wrap.

Toodles, my lovelies.



12 thoughts on “Guest Writer: Chloe French

  1. I like this, because your friendship with Tom, reminds me of my relationship with my best friend. She deals with all my shit, and is more patient with me than I am. 😛 She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. 😀

  2. I’ve seen you eat pancakes like that. OHYES, I’M THERE WHEN BREAKFAST COMES.

    Let’s not lie, I am breakfast.

    I’ll throw a complimentary chuckle in there at that waffling, waffle, food joke.

    Cause I’m giving like that.


    Or at least, CHLOE IN MY BED.

    @Victor person, thanks..i think. *beams*

    @Katie, LMAO! Agreed, agreed. CHLOE IN EVERYONES BED.


  4. It will do great, its just what i need to reach my 1000 word count! That I have for every assignment! LOL

  5. I love this kid! the way the post reads as if she was talking really fast, and she holds one topic for no more than 3 lines!!! LOVE IT TO BITS!!! xD and btw, anybody who dislikes waffles/pancakes is a SMELLY OLD FISH!!!
    peace out!!!
    p.s. by that i mean i should probs go back to staring at my books, and procrastinating

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