The Dark World Of Ubuntu

The curse of Ubuntu has struck me again dragging me down into it’s dark embrace cutting me off from all light and hope of freedom.

Though those of you who might not know, Ubuntu is an operating system for computer similar to Microsoft Windows, except that it’s completely different. If Windows is commercial radio that plays the same music day in, day out, with advert breaks then Ubuntu is Triple J, playing indie music goodness. Translation: For those of you who don’t speak Tom this means that Ubuntu is free and made by people who made it for the love of it rather than being paid. I don’t know if the people who run Triple J would just do it for the love of it but I find it better to just assume.

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. Although I’ve been dual-booting Ubuntu (having Windows and Ubuntu on the same computer) for a while now yesterday was the first day I felt I was actually getting the hang of it. In fact it had been so long since I’d used Ubuntu that I forgot my password so I had to wipe it off my computer and start again. Coincidently this is also the first time I’ve edited my boot file and I didn’t even break the computer.

So after a bit of dancing to avoid having to download it again I eventually convinced my computer that it wanted to get the files to install Ubuntu from the CD instead of from the Internet I got it booted up. For some reason I decided that I wanted to play my DS games on the computer. I think it was mostly for the technical challenge. So I downloaded deSmuME and tried to install it.

After much swearing and basically downloading a C++ compiler one library at a time (Computer: You cannot install this until you download this file. Tom: *downloads*. Computer: You cannot install this until you download this other file. Tom: *downloads* x40) I finally got it running.. at 20 FPS. It was running that rather fine line between chronically frustrating and unplayable.

The point of all these stories of all this technical woe? I got so wrapped up in what I was doing that when I hung up the washing for Mum I left the wet clothes in the washing machine and put the dry clothes that Dad had already brought into the house back on the line.

I also used a fair chunk of this months download quote. Those of you who know me on Facebook will see my alternately praising and cursing Ubuntu for a month or so now.


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