Itchy Bum

I have the best e-mail address in the world:

I think it describes me personality perfectly, it might then come as a surprise that I wasn’t the one who came up with it. It was actually my across the road neighbour Kate Walden who thought the fact that I didn’t have MSN to be ‘just horrible’ and decided to make one for me. What I hadn’t agreed to was her getting on my new MSN account pretending to be me and flirting with girls!

And do you think she chose nice, single girls? Oh no, she chose the girl with the big boyfriend who likes guns, Craig Clarke. Luckily for me, Craig and I were quite good friends and were paintballing with each other at the time which lead to Craig and his lovely lady having an interesting talk later that evening.

“So I was chatting with Tom on MSN all day yesterday, he seems really nice.”
“All day?”
“Well, no, not really, mostly around lunch time.”
“But at lunchtime I was paintballing with him!”
“But I was talking to him!”

And that is how a simple thing like getting MSN can become complex.


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