Saber Toothed Miki

She-devil =P


I never turn my phone off when I go to bed the theory is that someday someone somewhere have a really important reason for wanting to contact me and I won’t be avalible.

Maybe one day that’ll happen but it hasn’t yet. A few nights ago I was in bed, asleep, relaxed and totally out of it when I got a phone call. I picked it up and after a minute and a half of the most confusing dialogue in my life the girl at the other end hung up.

If I could put a transcript of our conversation up on here I really would but the truth is that I can’t because I was mostly asleep when I was talking so I don’t remember anything that was said apart from two words. Roomba Orange.

Later that day my I found a witness to the crime: Mikaela O’Conner. She sent me a message through facebook asking how I slept last night and mentioned the words Roomba Orange.

I asked her nicly who called me but she refuses to say anything.

So I’ve devised a solution, either she admits she get somebody else to ring me, and tells me who she is. Or I’m going to put her mobile number up here and ask everybody to call her during the night. And if people remember the great James Curran phone ringing scandal of ’09 (will write this story up one day), they know my buddies are mean enough to do it.

The choice is yours Miki.


5 thoughts on “Saber Toothed Miki

  1. We are NCSS. We do not forgive, we do not forget.

    Wait- that sounds like the tagline to some other malicious group.. 🙂

  2. She did that to me too! Except i didn’t answer the phone. I was very confused and grumpy when the ring woke me up so i pressed the red button to make her go away. Missed call from her in the morning. Why the hell did you answer?

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