I’ve had a really busy last couple of days.

My town recently got swamped my about 1700 kids aged 7 – 12 for some kind of Christian camp. Going to it were some little kids from my old school, so an old friend of mine Trish Hooper called me up and asked me if I wanted to drop by and help putting some tents up. So I agreed.

Little did I know that that day was also my sports day. The sports day which I had decided to go in every event.

Fortunately I came down with a chronic case of fat and only actually went in about five events (the fact that all the other guys in my division were tanks may also have contributed) so THAT didn’t make me so tired.

UNfortunately I’m cursed with being a very social person so I spent all the day walking around talking to people. So much so that I missed my lunch.

Back to the kids and at about 5pm I got a phone call the nice lady asking me if I could come down and lend a hand and I though “Yeah, this sounds like fun”.

So down I went and found that the kids I was helping put up tents were SIX LITTLE GIRLS.

Many of you may not know this but if you get enough you girls together they begin to chirp (true story). I know alot of the time here I write funny stories about how things annoy me but I found it really relaxing. I think I might settle down and see if I can beat my parents record (8 children).

After much trials, tribulation, chatting and cartwheels we finally got the tent all set up and ready. I took a few steps back, had a deep breath and congratulated myself.

Right up until the point where the nice lady said there were only four more tents to put up. I didn’t have tea until fairly late.

Seeing as I started this post a few days ago and got lazy I can’t remember why I decided to call it embarrassing. Probably because I was so tired from all that walking that I couldn’t move my legs upto my waist for the rest of the weekend.

It may, however have been a reference to the amount of fail I’ve been subjected to recently when I’ve attempted to test my masculinity, the highlight of this when my small friend Sarah bet me in an arm wrestle (which she tells everyone), and we drew in slap endurance.

I’m not very tough. I hope girls like that in a guy 🙂


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