Community Story!

So today I though it would be nice if we could play a game called Community Story Telling. The rules are you read it, then add a bit on to the end.


  1. Keep it clean.
  2. Don’t kill everyone.
  3. I  totally reserve the right to edit what you say for whatever whimsical reason that pops into my head.
  4. Send the next section, unto 500 words (though it can be much less) to with the subject ‘STORY’.

I really don’t know how this will work but I figure that since a bunch of my friends like writing I should be able to get some intrest up. And you don’t need to be a regular to send your writing. I would love some from people I don’t know. A link to the story can be found here.

When you e-mail leave a comment here so I know to check it. I don’t check my e-mails often as they are bogged down in gaia, facebook and wordpress generic e-mails.


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