Tom’s Desktop

Tom's desktopThis is my desktop. What y’all think?

This might seem like a bland picture at first but if you look really carefully you’ll see hints about my setup all around it. For a start it’s obviously not windows. This suggests that I’m more then the average computer user. Looking even closer you’ll see that it’s not stock Ubuntu either. In the bottem right I have 8 workspaces (I’ve never filled them all up but one day I will). At the top right I have a cloud icon which means I’m connected to Ubuntu One. Off to the left I’ve got a quick link to Terminal because I use the damn thing so much. I hear that there’s even more that can be done to the Ubuntu desktop to customise it and when the month ticks over and I get more download I plan to download kde, another desktop GUI, thing. (which is meant to be better then gnome). Frankly, I like how there arn’t any icons on it. I think you should all get Ubuntu.

Oh, and the wallpaper is BEAUTIFUL.


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