Things I look for in a girl

  1. Being Regina Spektor
  2. Being an epic computer geek
  3. Being Christian
  4. Not being a skank
  5. Being intelligant
  6. Red Hair
  7. The ability to beat me at videogames
  8. Not being Nurse Ratchet
  9. Being short
  10. Healthy self-esteem
  11. Doesn’t play hard to get (I think she isn’t interested and lose interest)
  12. Being single
  13. Being passionate (in general, not just about me)
  14. Not being able to beat me up
  15. A love of books
  16. Actually being a girl
  17. Being able to out program me
  18. Has a good sense of humor (translated: likes my sense of humor)
  19. Having hair
  20. Being laid back
  21. Being funny
  22. NOT playing music
  23. Girls that don’t tell me I’m going too grow old and own 90 cats.
  24. Oh yes, and liking me 🙂

I don’t think anything on that list is mutually exclusive although Regina Spektor probably doesn’t have half the things on it.

After all that I’m probably going to fall for a girl who doesn’t have these (again =P), I’m not even really looking for one that fits of all these things, just a couple. Oh well, such is life. At least I’m not bored.

And if any of you know me well enough to think of something that I missed out comment and say and I’ll add it in.


14 thoughts on “Things I look for in a girl

  1. At least you have a clear cut idea of what you want. All I know is that I have to like her and vicé versa. Beyond that, I have a stack of criteria, which is a mish-mash of past crushes and random thoughts. :S It doesn’t hurt if her name is Jasmine though. 😛

  2. hahahahaha!!! funniest thing EVER!!! On the list of Possibly related posts: (which areautomatically generated)

    ■ Warning Label
    made me lol!!! xD

  3. Oh..i was all good til number 24.
    Sorry, thats me off the list.
    I score 10/24.
    What a ridiculous list.
    *storms off*
    I’m going to make one of my own, i think..
    I’ll describe Tim, and then send it to him.
    ..mmkayy. rambling.

  4. I don’t know what Mikaela’s talking about…
    i scored 14/24…
    Does Miki think i’m an epic computer geek?

  5. Number 6: “Having Red Hair” Just saying.

    Also, being Regina Spektor is on the list of things I wish I could do, because she is awesome.

    Being Regina Spektor’s lesbian lover is also on that list…

    oh wait, that’s a little creepy. oops.

    Also I am not stalking your blog, I was looking for a particular post a remembered reading and came across this one instead.

    • What were you looking for? And this post is meant to be ironic anyway. Well, ironic isn’t the right word.. Demonstrating that what people think they want in a partner are stupid things.

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