New site

Oh wow! Look at this! Isn’t it pretty? I am living the dream of having free web hosting and a free domain name. It truly is beautiful. This land of plenty and freedom was not reached without blood, sweat and coffee though. I managed to find free hosting by searching Whirlpool forums and my buddy Alec told me about a site called that gives away free domain names. There were still a few false starts though. I had nil experience in this field so I didn’t even know what it was that I had. With some great help from Tyler Johnson we decided  that what gave me wasn’t actually a domain name. The next day we decided it was. You wouldn’t believe it but all the tutorials for dealing with cPanel (I still don’t really know what it is) are about 10 versions out of date. FINALLY I got all the different bits to work more through trial and error than knowledge.

But it was worth it, (the program I’m using) can do lots of things that can’t do.

For instance here is a video that some of my friends from NCSS made. The old site couldn’t have done this trick.

If anybody could show me where the rest of the videos are I’d love it 🙂



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