Easter Camp@Melrose

Every year since I was in year 9 I’ve spent Easter time at Easter Camp@Melrose, a Christian camp run by an organisation called Scripture Union. It represents the true, good part of Christianity while leaving out the politics and waffle that some of the churches seem to acumulate. Frankly, if somebody was in crisis (or even if they weren’t) it’d be the first place that I would send them, it’s one of the rare places where you can find love freely given. Pretty much, it’s a great place for young people regardless of what they believe.

I, personally had a fantastic and highly meaningful time. It was also great to see many of my friends from when I moved away including Dylan Gershwitch who I haven’t seen for eight years and had ‘just happened to drop by’. Anouther person who rocked up was Jess Greatbatch who, knew Dylan from when she lived in Pt Augusta but now lives in Pt Lincon so she knows a bunch of the people that me and Dylan know.. All leaving a very tangled, unlikley, but highly interesting web of interconnecting relationships.

Funny Stories From EC:

  • Didn’t think that I would need shampoo and conditioner
  • Regreted not thinking I wouldn’t need shampoo and conditioner by the secound night
  • Going for a long sweaty walk up Mt Remarkable with Jess and Dylan
  • Gossiping about all my old friends with Jess and Dylan (between the two of them they know most of the ones I like but don’t talk to anymore)
  • Losing my soap the day I went up Mt Remarkable, seriously limiting my ability to clean
  • Taking roughly a bazillion photos. This was my first outing with a camara
  • Introducing everybody to Roomba

Something new that happened this year was all of the audio that went on in the sessions (where we sat down and got serious(ish)) was recorded and distributed to the campers. After asking the speaker if it’s ok here is all of the audio for the campers who missed out and for anybody who’s interested in what exacly goes on when a bunch of Christians get together.

Atleast this blog is where it will be… when I can find the time to upload 100MB of audio. If anybody wants to put it on rapidshare for me go right on ahead ;D

All of the photos are viewable here.


3 thoughts on “Easter Camp@Melrose

  1. Well for starters Why didn’t you mention me haha joke : )

    Easter camp is awesome and i agree with you, first place i would recommend someone

    there i commented on it 🙂

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