I love Magikarp

I don’t know what it says about me that magikarp is one of my favourite pokemon. Maybe it means I like preparing for the future seeing as magikarp is pretty much the ultimate investment pokemon.

Or maybe it means I’m just a sucker. I actually regretted not buying one off the man who sells them for $500. My buddy Charlie says she has a strategy that makes magikarp effective. I don’t know how that works.. Even after it learns tackles it still deals rubbish damage. Although I feel it must be said that after it evolved it took care of Misty single handedly.

I figure this would be a pretty good time to talk about some stuff related to the blog.

28 posts
12 pages

I honestly cannot say how many hits I get because of all the web host dancing I’ve been doing. Dot.tk usually says that half my hits are from Australia, a third from America, and the rest are an even spread of little countries, except for Russia, which I get slightly more hits from. I suspect some of this may just be bots spamming my comments. So far since I moved to proper hosting I have had 125 spam comments advertising everything from gambling sites to Viagra. And I’ve noticed that since I put my e-mail address up here I’ve been getting more e-mail from African princesses who need to give me lots of money. Thankfully hotmail puts most of it in junk, I do still however perpetually have < 100 unread e-mails.

I love feedback, especially suggestions, so please keep that coming.

A converstion with Laura
"You should put ads up here, and like, ask for donations."
"Why would I do that?"
"So you could use money to make it better."
"Fund.. activities."
"Like.. fun ones, and things."
"How far through did you think this idea?"


4 thoughts on “I love Magikarp

  1. you made me laugh. please tell me you weren’t doing this during psychology sunday sessions
    from an african princess (i dont have lots of money to give you, but you’re welcome to give me some)

    • Lol. It’s funny because your e-mail address shows up Rosey XD

      I made “The Playbook” in the session after I finished the assignment, and the conversion with Laura happened then too… Also, we should look over each others investigations seeing as we only get one draft.

  2. Well, this is like the second post I’ve read of yours. I ought to be ashamed of myself. 😦

    The only problem is that the discussion about Magikarp is too short. Otherwise, it’s superrrr, and yes, I intentionally gave it four “r”s..

  3. Fund activities for the playbook! Actually do some ideas out of there and take heaps of pictures! Type up the results here and ta~da! Fun activity. and even better, doesnt require donations.

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