Book review! Elom by William Brinkard

The reason this site has been rather quiet is that I finally got around to reading the book I borrowed from the library all those weeks ago.

I don’t know if other people are like this but when I’m at the library looking for books, or at home making a music play list, I’m really optimistic. I listen to ten seconds of a song and think “oh yeah, I reckon I could dig this”. But then whenever it comes up when I put the music player on shuffle I skip it because Alicia Keys really isn’t my style.

The same thing happens to me with book. And even when I’m reading them I’m really forgiving, I keep telling myself that it’s still warming up, that the best is yet to come. Very long story short, in Elom by William H. Drinkard, it didn’t.

The whole book from the very first chapters was eluding to all of the human race being ‘Judged’ and if they were found inadequate all the humans would be destroyed.

If you ever want to read this book don’t continue reading because I’m going to spoil the ending.

In the last chapter, after four hundred pages of build up, you find out that there is not ‘Judging’, the idea that there was stems from a misunderstanding three and a half centuries ago by a girl who was convinced that an alien was God (much to the aliens protests). This sounds like some kind of comedy science fiction like ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ but it wasn’t, it was a completely serious book with a habit of putting chapter separators in the middle of dialogue.

To be fair, the science parts of the novel where it talked about aliens was really interesting.. unfortunately the majority of it was lost in the middle of ‘Home and Away’.

All of the characters in the book are somewhat… promiscuous (ok, VERY promiscuous). And all the guys… there is no nice way to say… they think with their balls. At no point in the entire book do any of the main male characters resist the slightest sexual influence. They would be furious at a girl but she would pout and push her chest out a bit and go back to their default state.

The main characters are all huge steriotypes. You have the shy betrayed girl, the beautiful on the inside girl, the little brother, the slut, the alpha male hunter. Really the cast would make a wonderful b-grade American high-school horror movie.

In general. A nice book that could do with a little less teenage hormones.

While I’m here I’d like to thank Laura who seems to have looked at every post I’ve made and commented them all. You should all comment on what she said.

Also for some strange reason today my sites hits sky-rocketed and I don’t know why. This worries me but I assume that a link to me appeared SOMEWHERE.


2 thoughts on “Book review! Elom by William Brinkard

  1. Oh, and I don’t get a mention? 😦

    I’ve read every post and helped with some. lol

    On a somewhat more related note, I hate it when books/movies/whatevers don’t go any where. I feel cheated out of time and/or money.

    • I felt cheated out of time and effort reading the damn thing. The author probably felt worse, he spend all that time and effort writing it and didn’t end up with a good book.

      Sorry, it’s just that I checked my comment cue and there were about ten in a row from Laura. =P

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