How to study for physics

If you want to study hard for physics and get good grades here’s a list of things to do:

  1. Don’t go get some chips before you start.
  2. Don’t go down to fisherman’s feast and buy three of the largest lots of chips they have ($5.50 each).
  3. Don’t make fun of the checkout chick when it takes forever to make (number 87 was served before us and we were number 85 D: )(apparently we used up a whole bag of chips by ourselves)
  4. Don’t wait for fifteen minutes making jokes about the checkout chick making food in the kitchen.
  5. Don’t go back to school with all the chips and offer everybody you see chips, distracting them from their work.
  6. Don’t also offer chips to the teachers and go looking for the deputy principle to give HIM chips.
  7. Don’t call girls fattys when they eat lots of chips.
  8. Don’t call girls skinny and that they should eat more chips (they don’t like this either :/ ).
  9. Don’t take Gavin’s computer and use it to make music.
  10. Don’t use the music to make a party in the study room.
  11. Don’t get Henry to drive you home.
  12. Don’t change you mind while going home and go to his house.
  13. Don’t play Pokemon and Battle for Wesnoth at his house.
  14. Don’t write up a blog post about How to study for physics while you should be studying for physics.

All of this could be summarised in one simple rule: Don’t leave your physics book at home on the day when you do lots of physics and you won’t have to create elaborate ploys to stop your friends from doing work.


7 thoughts on “How to study for physics

  1. 1. Play with giant Fresnel lens from rear projection screen.
    2. Set school diary on fire.
    3. Walk around school carrying smouldering diary.
    4. ???
    5. RESULT!

  2. hahahahaha

    may i add one for other subjects?
    + dont go on facebook and get distracted by blogs about how to study for physics…

  3. YOU WERE MAKING FUN OF ME WHILE I WAS COOKING YOUR FOOD???!!!! Lol next time i might just put loads of vinegar on the chips while you’re not looking lmao 😛 and yes you literally DID use a whole bag of chips lol…

  4. Haha nice!

    This seems rather familiar… something akin to my entire year 11 and 12… eg: non-contact specialist maths lessons are not particularly productive…

    I find point 8 rather intriguing – it is rather counter intuitive, isn’t it.

  5. We ate a lot of chips ^-^
    I also don’t take physics so i have no guilt whatsoever.
    Rename this blog for me to “How not to study Spanish”

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