Remember how I was talking about that time I did some studying?

The next time my buddies went into that shop they found this note in the packet of chips.

Blender boy is me.

I may have told them to pay out Taylor Swift next time they see Crystal (she LOVES Taylor Swift).

I think the conversation went something like this: “Can I have some chips and Taylor Swift sucks.”

I few days later a different friend of mine saw Crystal down the library and payed out Taylor Swift again. She’s hoppin mad now.


6 thoughts on “Threats


    Actually the conversation went:
    Can we get 5.50 chips? just one lot this time. Also Tom wanted us to tell you that Taylor Swift sucks…

    lol. and i gave them the note lol, they didn’t find it haha

    and you deserved it 😛 haha YOU WERE PARANOID!!! ADMIT IT!!!

  2. Lol ok the story (yes Tom everyone is going to know now haha)
    Tom wanted a milkshake but was complaining coz it didn’t mix up properly
    Me: that’s what a blender is for
    Tom: but when i use it it all just goes everywhere
    Me: … that’s why they come with a lid, Tom
    Tom: yeh but it comes off
    Me: … hold it on…
    Tom: I’m afraid to.

    lol. Hence Blender Boy 😛 haha

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