Things I’ve been accused of: Part 2.

Continuing from this post.

Things I’ve been accused of: Talkin funny.

Yeah that’s right, people think I talk funny. When I went to Sydney one of the people I met there freaked out.

Tom: What’s wrong??
Ben: As I’m talking to you I can feel myself picking up your regional accent!
Tom: I don’t have a… ok… I MIGHT.

But the more I think about it the more I doubt my accent is regional. When I started a new school a rumour got out that had everybody thinking that I come from England because of the way I talk. Especially the English people. They said I made them feel like they were home. It was a wee bit creepy.

Young Caitlin got the idea, (and spread it much to my detriment) that I talk like a read off of a script. Actually the reason I annunciate is because when I was young I couldn’t talk properly at all and had to go to a speech therapist. I have, however, since then regressed to the point where I say ‘th’ and ‘f’ the same way.

Random: How many where there?
Tom: Free.
Random: Huh?
Tom: Free!
Random: Oh, three!
Tom: doubleyou-tee-eff, that’s what I said!

I have a sneaking suspicion that the way I speak mostly comes from watching too much television. Namely Firefly, where they all talk wrong. Although when I was younger I think I put a conscious effort into talking more like they do on that show.

Worse than me though is Miki. Who honestly has an American accent.


9 thoughts on “Things I’ve been accused of: Part 2.

  1. People keep telling me I have an Irish accent. I only hear it when I swear and/or shout though. Particularly cos I drop the “t” from “Christ”.

  2. I honestly have no idea why you wouldn’t be happy with “having” an English accent! I’m jealous 😛
    I accidentally pick one up when I watch too much Doctor Who/Black Books/Monty Python/The Office, haha.

  3. @Shelley

    Not some filthy English pig farmer!

    Unless you meant you got it of Manny or Fran. They are english.
    In which case, carry on.

  4. @Jack
    Everyone else (well, almost) is English, however; landlords, accountants, dinner guests, ice cream men, etc.
    The English outweigh the non-English. 🙂

  5. @Shelley

    Yeah, except in awesome.
    We all know Irish accents are sexier. 😛

    But yeah.. the filthy English seem to be dominant in England…
    Who woulda thunk it. 😛

  6. You do talk funny…
    and Miki is Irish with an Americal accent who was putting on a Russian one all night on Wednesday just to annoy me.

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