The Final Fantasy Awesomeness Scale According to Tom: Part One

When I was but a wee lad of 12 I saw an ad for a game in a magazine. The game, was Final Fantasy. Since then I was convinced that it looked like the best game ever invented. As I grew older I realised that many games that I had loved already were actually final fantasy games, those were some of my favourite games. They have defined RPG’s and FF7 changed them from being obscure to everybody games. Here for the first time ever is my list of final fantasy games from worst to best.

Games omitted that are worth mention:

  • Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings. It’s a freaking RTS people. It isn’t really a Final Fantasy game.
  • ALL of the Final Fantasys that were on Playstation One. Yes, that includes number seven. I have a friend who has them but she won’t lend them to me until she finished all of them. It doesn’t sound so bad except SHE’S RUBBISH AT FINAL FANTASY GAMES!! Seriously people, it doesn’t take three years to beat Final Fantasy X. And worse yet she’s stopped playing that for XIII.
  • Final Fantasy XIII. Because I’m too povo. And too lazy to get a job.

Final Fantasy X-2

The first direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game. It really didn’t have to be made. Let me tell you the story of how I came to play it. Young Laura had been looking for it for years after she played, and really enjoyed, FFX. I bought it off of my young friend Beaudesert for the price of twenty dollars. My plan was to get it on Wednesday and finish it by Saturday when Laura had her party. I needn’t have bothered, after one day I was sick of it. Where did it all go wrong? Well it started in the opening cut-scene and went downhill from there. As I will say later, what made Final Fantasy X so good was the atmosphere that it had, it was really dark and angst. FFX-2’s atmosphere was rather… different.. The opening scene was in a pop concert where the main character from X (Yuna) was… singing. In the last game saw was some kind of priest. And now she’s… a pop star.. This theme of extreme.. girlishness.. continues throughout the whole game. Many times I saw a scene and going in the back of my mind was “this scene could have been done so much better, it had so much potential”. The only redeeming factor is that it extends and gives more information about the Final Fantasy world. I don’t think I could be bothered finishing it just for that though. By the way, did you know that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get 100% in that game without spoilers? Yes, luck is the only method of reaching full completion unless you go onto the Internet. Ironicly, remember how I said I was a Final Fantasy game in a magazine when I was young and I thought it looked like the best thing ever? It was Final Fantasy X-2. The worst one. It does look pretty though.



5 thoughts on “The Final Fantasy Awesomeness Scale According to Tom: Part One

  1. Hmmmm this has been created by someone with a little to much time on their hands…….

    I prescribe 10 hours of intencive physical labour followed by 14 hours of extra university level maths.

    and to top it off some anti geek/tom spray (designed to take the fun out of ANYTHING)

    Kind Regards
    Doctor X

  2. Tom actually gave me a stereo sized box for my bday. Unwarpped a billion layers of holidays paper (and newspaper, guess he ran out) before i actually got to the game. I was stunned
    Me: “where did you get this? I’ve been looking everywhere! I thought it wasn’t for sale anymore!”
    Tom: “um…from a shop.”
    I thought it was weird that he’d gone and bought a game for me, opened it and played it before wrapping it up and giving it to me…
    now i know…
    20 dollars…
    from a friend…
    guess i can’t talk after what i got you for your last birthday tho…
    Tom IOU a better bday present next year.

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