What should I name my child?

As I see it there are three choices of name for my future children. I intend to use as many of them as possible. What I wonder is which name is the best. As such I will provide a case for each name and you can vote.

The choices are: Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta.

Arguably the main character of Dragonball Z. As a small child he not only keeps up with the other Z fighters but in the Perfect Cell Saga he overtakes them completly. He also has cool hair.

A warrior from the future who travels back in time so that he might change the course of time. He easily kills Freeza and his father King Cold, who after Goku are the strongest fighters in the universe. He is also a genius who help create the machine which allows him to travel through time. He also has cool hair.

His hair is less cool and as my brother pointed out  his name rhymes with a certain female body part, however:

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10 thoughts on “What should I name my child?

  1. I like the idea of naming your children after… uh… litrature…

    But what about girls names?

    If I was naming my children after fictional characters they’d be:
    Josephine: Looking for Alibrandi and a character several from Coheed and Cambria songs (don’t tell my daughter that her namesake is raped and murdered)
    Atticus: To Kill a Mocking Bird
    Risa: Fullmetal Alchemist.

    If I have no children and instead become a crazy cat lady, my cats will be:
    Gatamon: Digimon
    Happy: Fairy Tail
    Charlie: Fairy Tail
    Kyo: Fruits Basket
    Meowth: Pokemon
    Persia: Pokemon

  2. It totally is litrature! I hadn’t really thought about what to do if I have girls.. I think I’ll let their mother decide 😀

    Do you really want to name your child Josephine? I didn’t really like her a great deal =P

    And my buddy had a rat called Kyo.. I’m not really sure why though, maybe she just liked that name better than Yuki.

    I now want to get a cat so I can name it Gatamon.

  3. Josephine Alibrandi? I just love Melina Marchetta. I’d name children after all her characters if I could.

    Oh, and I should add Indie from Indiana Jones and Ren from Skip Beat. But then, maybe it’d be weird to name my children after my fictional crushes…

  4. What’s his name gives her a lift home from the dance on his motorbike. She’s all decked up in an evening gown and such and she screams the whole way.

    Except there were absolutely no cars on the harbour bridge which was weird.

    • I have seriously considered it from time to time. It’s actually a family name. For the last three generations one of the parker sons has named his son after his brother peter.

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