My experience with MUD

A MUD (multi-user dungeon) is an online game similar to a MMORPG (like World Of Warcraft) except that they are much more diverse, cheaper to run, mostly free, have many more races and have more roleplaying ability than other MMO’s. Basicly they let the player have much more freedom, which is something I love.

Oh, also they are text-based, no graphics.

I don’t mean they have no graphics in the way rouglikes like Dungeon Crawl or games like Dwarf Fortress have no graphics (they have a map made out of letters), I mean they have no graphics in the sense the game is described to you by words on a screen.

Still! I was really excited because it sounded exacly like the kind of game I could really get into. So I logged on and started a new game.

It was awful. Two things happened.

ONE: I had no idea what I was doing. I couldn’t make sense out of anything.

TWO: All these message came up at once from people commenting on how a heap of lag suddenly started up (I don’t know if I was the cause but I suspected my 1Mbps connection might have something to do with it).

These combined elements of total confusion scared me off and I exited immediately.

So I read a bit more infomation on the website. After a while, I started feeling confident again. So I hooked it back up, opened up a new game… And exactly the same thing happened again, only this time worse. I pressed the help button but all that happened was it sent out a message along the lines of “I’m a noob and I don’t know what I’m doing could somebody please please help me.” So that was unimpressive.

After half a dozen “Why is the frame rate so slow”s I got sick of it and quit again.

Going by my previous experience with obscure games (dwarf fortress) I’ll probably come back to MUDs in six months to a year and fall in love with them. But, until then, I think I’ll stick to offline games.

I bet they get a lot of players playing for five minutes and never coming back again like I did.


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