Why I don’t like Home and Away

It seems to me that ever since I did “How to be Gooder at Facebook” people think I’m this really negative guy and tip toe around me on Facebook (as much as it’s possible). I promised myself that the next post would be nice, something like “Why I like Dragonball Z”, but unfortunately my hate of Home and Away surpassed that.

First I should describe Home and Away and why it is that a teenage boy is watching such garbage in the first place. Home and Away is set in a place called Summer Bay where it’s apparently always summer (this isn’t part of the story, it’s just never cloudy or raining unless the plot DESPERATELY requires it). In Summer Bay everybody is white, all of the teenagers are blonde with perfect figures, no religion other than watered down Christianity is mentioned and none of the main characters are gay. Occasionally one of the female main characters will divulge in some lesbian activities but sooner of later she ‘forgets’ that she likes girls and goes back to men. Now that I’m writing this down it strikes me that this seems like the kind of place a certain famous historical figure would have liked.

As to why I’m watching it? I eat tea with my family at seven every night. While we eat tea my parents choose what to watch.. I have no say in the matter.

So apart from all that I’ve said before, why does Summer Bay annoy me? Because so many young children (especially girls) watch it. And why does it annoy me? Because it teaches them the wrong way to interact with people. There is only so much misfortune that can happen to a person before it becomes ridicluous, so Home and Away has the characters make big deals and utterly mishandle matters that aren’t actually the end of the world. Take one of the current stories for instance. A woman, with a son became engaged to a priest. After much drama the two of them parted company and the priest left the country. The boy however, started writing to him without his mother knowing of it through a mutal friend. Now the friend is wracked with guilt that he’s keeping secrets from his friend (the boy’s mother). This secret (if it can be called that with the number of people who know about it) is tearing him to pieces, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. But I just can’t see the problem, I don’t understand why he doesn’t just tell the mother that her son was missing him and started writing letters, this secret keeping seems so unneeded.

Another example, a different boy, this one 17 doesn’t like his step father. So he does all that he can to break him and his mother up. His step father isn’t actually a bad person, he just has low social skills and can be annoying. The boy wants to break them up even though they are in proper love. What is this teaching children how to act?

Not to mention the values that it’s teaching them. At the moment a young boy (ironically this one goes around calling himself Romeo), who’s is also seventeen, and he has a problem. He is a virgin. That’s it. It’s really bothering him. I mean, I hope that the script doesn’t just make him sleep with his girlfriend and call the plot resolved, that’s terrible! I guess I view these thing differently to some people, but I don’t think what he has is anything to be ashamed of. What message is that telling kids? Also, the time delays between under-age couples getting together and doing is really quite small. Between Ruby and Jeff was only a week or two. On the subject of Ruby, she got together with Jeff the same day she broke up with her last boyfriend. Not that the last boy did anything wrong, she just got bored with him after they banged. He wasn’t impressed with being dropped like that. He did however find it in his heart to take her back… after Jeff moved away (translated: he was desperate). He was later dumped again when Ruby got the hots for her music teacher. Point of the last spiel: Everybody refers to her as such a nice, well mannered girl. She’s actually one of the ‘nice’ girl characters. Home and Away script writers aren’t actually good enough to write characters more complex than ‘nice’, ‘bad but will become nice’ and ‘bad soon to be dead’. The births, deaths and marriages office must have this black spot of activity centred on Summer Bay. Coincidently, in my research I found this. Notice how if Summer Bay was indicative of global population the human race would be extinct.

That was a big paragraph. Take it as indication of my passion. Myself and Dad have a theory that Home and Away is either written by ninth grade girls or proper script writers in their lunch break.


6 thoughts on “Why I don’t like Home and Away

  1. Okay, first of all, let me say that I have never watched a single episode of home and away.

    Not, permit me to rant with you.

    What is UP with kids these days? I am aware that I am 18, and am barely even an adult, but it is, sadly, my peers that I am referring to here.

    I know people who have slept with people before they even started going out.
    I know people who ask someone out, and then, as if to celebrate, immediately have sex.
    And yes, I know people who are ashamed to be virgins.

    And this all confuses me. Sure, sex is fun. The entire planet(barring the catholic clergy) know’s this. But it’s not that important at our age. I haven’t had sex. I have a girlfriend, and have had for almost two months. We have barely even hugged. It’s not that we are frigid, as many would assume. Those who know me know how promiscuous I can be. It’s just that it’s not important and we realise that.

    In other words, I agree, Tom.

  2. Like Jack, I have also never seen Home and Away, but it appears to me that all soap operas are like this. (By the way: Sweet Merciful Crap! A lot of people have died in that show!)

    Uh… I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say…

    • I was shocked when I saw the death rate compared to the others.

      Fortunately the characters on the show can only remember a year or two in the past.

      Alf Stuart: I know it’s been a pretty hectic year..
      Yes. And the year before that, and the year before that, and-

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