Why I like Dragonball Z

Dragon Ball Z: Music Collection Vol. 1

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After writing such a negative post on Home and Away I thought that I might writing something nice, so here I am talking about one of my very favourite time sinks: Dragonball Z

Why do I like Dragonball Z? Well, there are many reasons, I think I might start with the less embarrassing ones first. You’ll see there are a lot of videos here. That’s because I believe the best way to show off Dragonball Z is just to show it.


The Fights are Freaking Sweet
The title really says it all. The fights are amazing.

Epic Scale
And not just in terms of fights. Dragonball Z alone spans from Goku‘s father until his eldest son is having children. There is a real sense of time, if you want to know just how grand the scale is look at this web-page. But back to the fights, by the end of the first season both Vegeta and Goku have the power to destroy planets. By the end of the third season all main characters can destroy planets with ease. At one point Freiza fires a medium powered (for him) energy ball at Goku who deflects it. The camara mega-zooms out and you see the ball fly until it hits a planet and destroys it.

Lincon Park
Wrote the theme song for it before they released their first album. Awesome.

Amazing Character Development
That’s right, I went there. I said a shonen has good character development. When Piccilo first appears he wants nothing more then to kill Goku (which he does) yet by the end of the series he is one of the most trusted of all the Z fighters and like a father to Gohan. Which is lucky in a way because Goku spends a lot of time being dead. The most remarkable story of character development is my favourite character’s Vegeta. He enters the story as the main villain with selfish desires, wishing only to cause pain. And he stays like that. Until he dies. In his dying breath he realises that the way of life he’s been leading was useless. During the series from then on much character development goes on until he reaches this point, his finest hour.

Elegant Simplisity
This struck me in the Buu saga. The real reason why I liked Dragonball Z so much. These people live a simple life I wish I could have. They don’t live an easy life (far from it) but they live a simple life. They always know who their enemy is and if they can’t defeat it they need to try more and train harder so that they can. The relationships are simple and honest and if anybody dies they can just come back to life again (as did happen many times). At some point I discovered that there was a want inside of me, to live a life like they do, where it’s all so… simple.

This needs no introduction.

It’s Coming Back
For those of you who don’t know Dragonball Kai is being redoing Dragonball Z, keeping all t

hat is good, letting go of that which is not, and increasing the frame rate while it’s at it. Check out the link below.

Everyone loves it!
I feel I may have some blame in this. A bunch of guys in my class love it now because I got obsessed and started talking about it all the time. This and Pokemon. It’s strange that as we’ve gotten older we start watching more cartoons.


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While in almost all of my blog posts I promise myself not to edit them after release apart from arbitrary changes (one of the main purposes of this blog is keeping a record of who I am for my own reference) I feel that I may have to go back and change this one a bit. Generally every time I think of some new reason why I love it so much.


6 thoughts on “Why I like Dragonball Z

  1. The theme song is epic. When we were supposed to be supervising the kids at school (I volunteer at a primary school) me and one of the teachers (he’s just turned 23 and is a first year out) were rocking out to this theme song. And Digimon.

    You’re right about watching more catoons as we get older. I definately am enjoying them more nowdays.

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