Review of Song of the Dragon by Tracy Hickman.

Have you ever wanted to read a book where everything was EXTREME?? Do you want every event in the book TO BE TURNED UPTO ELEVEN???

Then this is the book for you.

It’s as if Hickman watched 300 and wanted to turn the “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA” line into an entire book.

It starts with the elven nation and their slaves sieging a dwarven fortress, and in turn Dwarf Fortress style, it is underground. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hickman was a fan of DF

Reasons for believing that Hickman likes playing Dwarf Fortress:

  1. The elves are evil.
  2. The Dwarf Fortress is an underground labyrinth.
  3. When the dwarven fortress is sieged one of the dorfs pulls a lever and spills magma over the attacking elves.

That’s right, magma starts falling out of the underground sky and spills all over the attacking army.


The siege kind of sets the stage for the rest of the book. That feeling of extremely continues throughout the novel. When there is a fighting scene it is a crazed battle for survival, when there’s an unhappy scene it’s the saddest catastrophe that has ever happened, when the heroes of the book find a place to rest, it’s a haven of all that is good and true.

After reading this book for a while you feel… tired.

Highlights of the book include when everyone (and I do mean everyone) that the hero of the book knows either goes crazy or dies. When I say that this is a highlight, I mean that it is very interesting, it’s not a fun thing to read exactly, but it is very engrossing and you won’t ever forget it. I suppose that’s strength of the novel.

I’ve always loved books by Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman, namely the Dragonlance Series and the Deathgate Cycle, they are some of my favourite books. When I read Angel Warrior by Margret Weis and her daughter I was blown away by how good it was (I borrowed it from the library at recess and pretty much read it straight through my lessons until I finished it at five pm), however when I read The Immortals by Tracy Hickman I was… less than impressed, I didn’t actually finish it. In fact I didn’t believe that it was the same Tracy… I was wrong. So when I borrowed Song of the Dragon from the library I was dubious about how good it would be. I’ve decided that I like it. I’ve learnt that Margret Weis does very good personal stories, with copious levels of character development and growth, you really care about the characters and their relationships. Tracy Hickman on the other hand, can create a vast world filled with complex political relationships and mythos. Clearly they are at their best when they work together, but they do ok apart.

Good things about Song of the Dragon:

  • Makes you feel like you’re reading a book about Dwarf Fortress
  • Engrossing, you can’t put it down

Bad things about Song of the Dragon:

  • Makes you want to cry
  • Will give you trouble sleeping
  • Could do with more likable characters

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