Google Statistics

I love Google. Here’s some awesome states to droll over. Hopefully at least a few people who read Crusade haven’t seen this before. Credit goes to The Pingdom blog for creating this.

I was more then a little sad when Google Wave closed down, I hope my buddies who worked on it have found nice work to do. Rumor says that a lot of them will be working on ‘Google Me’, Google’s answer to Facebook. Google Me had done a deal with… some game maker types… to make sure that they get the best games first. This is because apparently people spend 40% of their time on Facebook playing ‘games’ (I don’t think those things really deserve that name). Google Me also intends to incorporate music into itself, a feature that Facebook has long been lacking. It is important to Google to get into social media (Facebook and so forth) because the Internet is changing. Once we used to google what we wanted to find then go onto it. Google would get it’s money from advertising in the search results. Even with the launch of android and other services a stupid large (refer to picture below) amount of it’s revenue comes from this advertising. Facebook and other social media sites threaten this because now users spend more of their time on the Internet going from one known website to another (ie from Facebook to a link a Facebook friend posted, to be fair this is more commen on sites like Reddit but facebook is a better known example).

Cant wait for Google Me? Try Orkut, Google’s current social media attempt. I’ve only just started fishing around it but it seems to have one advantage already. There are different types of friends. This means you can write things about your boss that only your family can read, or you can talk about your sex life and your parents are none the wiser. I wouldn’t recommend doing either of those in a non anonymous format on the Internet. But hey, if you want to you can now.


4 thoughts on “Google Statistics

  1. Nice stuff! Haven’t seen it before, although a few numbers were familiar.

    Dang – wave looked awesome… It was actually based on and compatible with a bunch of other protocols – I saw a few tutorials on how to set up your own federated wave server (using an extension to an IRC server program I think), but of course it was just the (albeit innovative) guts of it, the distributed/federated protocol, not the nice features and GUI. Ie: it wasn’t actually usable 😦

    But since the core code has gone open-source I’m hoping a project picks up where they left off…

  2. And those statistics of time spent playing games on Facebook, whilst being a little sad considering the types of games, is quite believable since they’re typically so addictive to those who play them. Google sure is right about needing to get into the social networking arena, and I’m looking forward to what they do with the music. Any news or hints how they’re going to run it?

    Music certainly has been a big void in Facebook, possibly the biggest in my opinion. It’s probably also the biggest thing MySpace has going for it, being so basic and crude for so long (it took ages to utilise much AJAX at all). Music has kept MySpace as big as it is, along with the extensibility of bring-your-own CSS. If Google can do music (and those silly games) well, along with most of the things that Facebook users like and a bit of good-ol’ Google innovation thrown in, then I think they will have it sorted. Provided they can get a large enough initial userbase… Google seems to predictably have trouble with this on their labs projects.

    I wonder what features and design from Wave development will be brought over to Google Me?

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