Penguins Appreciation Day

I think it’s time that the unsung hero’s of my life finally get the recognition that they deserve. These are the tireless people who have to put up with me telling them about whatever thing has become my obsession for a week. Although many people have been afflicted with putting up with my passions, the current champion is a girl named Penguins Quack. And yes, that is her real name.

Generally when I discover some new thing my very first response is to go onto the vast corridors of the internet and tell Penguins all about it. When first started using the internet frequently I made a promise to myself that I would not make friends on the internet, Penguins is the single exception. I like to think that her scores in tests have dropped dramatically because of our friendship. Mostly because I introduced her to Questionable Content in the week before her exams, she had to have a poster on the wall saying ‘stop reading QC and study’. She used to be the only reason that I used twitter, however I have now added the entire cast of Questionable Content, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Jewel Staite. Basicly, Twitter rocks.

A bit about her, she lives over at Tales Featuring the Penguins Demise which, now that I think about it, is a really depressing name for a blog when your username is Penguins_Quack. It is also missing an apostrophe. She likes men who play video games who aren’t COD and wants to be a museum lady when she grows up. I am also to blame for getting her hooked on Dragonball Z, xkcd and Being Human (which she hasn’t watched yet, but she’s going to love it when she gets around to it). I have a tendency to get people hooked on things, at my old school it was yugioh cards, this year it’s been Dragonball Z and Questionable Content.

Some things that Penguins like:

Cover of the first tankōbon for Bleach, releas...

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  1. Being better than me at internet privacy, nowhere on her blog does her name or location appear. I fail so badly in this respect.
  2. Fictional Men. A large portion of her brain is taken up thinking about her crushes that don’t exist. Sources: Here, here and here.
  3. The man from The Catcher in the Rye. I think there is Holdan in his name.
  4. Manga, particularly Skip Beat.
  5. Reading Bleach even though she hates it. I mean, I stopped reading after the Soul Society arc, I cannot believe that she’s still going.
  6. Writing lists in her blog.
  7. Writing in general, in fact she just completed NaNoWriMo in which she had to write a book in a month. That whole situation was a bit crazy in that she was telling me all about the thing she was excited about instead of the other way around. She still hasn’t let me read this book though.
  8. Leaving notes in books when she returns them to the library.
  9. Having a shirt with the periodic table on it.
  10. Dressing up as Dr Who even though she’s a woman.
  11. Freaking me out.
  12. Getting accused of going out with me. The conversation went:
    “Penguins, do you have a boyfriend?”
    “No, not that I’ve been informed of.”
    “Than who the f*** is TOM PARKER??”
    (in interest of fairness girls get accused of this all the time, it makes me sad because they always deny it)

By the way Penguins, while writing this I read ALL of your blog. That’s right, the entire thing. I bet you can’t say the same thing about me?

So who is she? The simple way to find out is by looking on my facebook wall at the girl who keeps posting there.


Why Formal Was Actually Not All That Bad.

Below I shall outline why I enjoyed formal.

The Nutbush
I had the greatest time dancing to this. This shows my maturity.

The Love Shack

The Girls
They were all dressed up and didn’t think it was creepy to be complimented. Two definite pluses.

I Didn’t Get Caught in Line
I have a year 12 class of approximately 180 kids. There were two photogrophers. Each photo taking thing took atleast ten minutes, maybe more. Some people had more than one set of photos. This means that if you want a photo, you’re going to be waiting a very long time. Two of my friends ended up waiting for two hours for a photo. From the time we were meant to gather till the time we had to go was five hours. Luckily the person who I was having the person with was born with a killer instinct and she forced a path for us.

So all in all, although I really don’t want to, I’m going to take back what I said in Why I’m Not Excited About Formal, I did actually really enjoy myself. Some things I said were right though, my friends who had dates they weren’t actually dating separated at the very start of the night and reunited only to have a photo taken with each other. In contrast, MANY people thought the girl I got my photo taken with and I were together.  I think that means I’ve done something wrong.. or right.. or very wrong. It defiantly means I don’t care in the least that I didn’t bother getting a date.

DID YOU KNOW: When I write a blog a little tool next to me analyses what I’ve written and suggests related articles and pictures. There are, at this moment, two pictures of a naked woman in there. Creepy.