Twitter: Stalking is encouraged

For some reason that I cannot fathom nobody where I live uses Twitter. I am unaware of anybody else who went to my high school who has an account. And I only got an account originally because of this blog. I don’t know why having a blog means that I need to have a Twitter, but I just felt that it was right.

It took me months to understand what Twitter is for, at first I found it boring, but now I love it. Where Facebook is used to network with your friends Twitter is used to network with people you don’t know but find interesting. On twitter I follow celebrities like Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Dr Horrible, Serenity), Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr Horrible), Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Starship Troopers and, of course, Dr Horrible) as well as my actual friends who live in different states, some ‘twitter personalities’ (people who are only famous on twitter) and people who make my favourite blog and webcomics like Oatmeal (from The Oatmeal) and Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content). Things on into an extra layer on interesting when you start fictional characters, like the cast of Questionable Content (basicly all of them have a twitter account and are actually funny) or Barney Stintson (he however is less funny and pretty much only advertises :/ ).

Nathan Fillion at the 2005 Serenity "flan...

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An obvious downside of Twitter is that you can only make tweets of 140 characters or less, so you can’t actually have in depth conversations on it or express slightly complicated ideas. So what is the point of it all? To hear the ideas, opinions and funny events of people who influence you (whether they be friend, famous person or fictional character) and to broadcast your own thoughts, if you like what someone said enough you can ‘retweet’ it so that others can also see it. It is very bad form to spam Facebook with statuses but there is no such limit on twitter, you can write your thoughts on whatever you want as often as you like.
Twitter: It starts slowly but becomes more interesting when you follow interesting people. Four out of five stars.

Also, I would love it if MORE PEOPLE AROUND ME GOT TWITTER. It’s very lonely there at the moment.

You can find mine here.


Formspring, social media for closet perverts

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Formspring is an interesting concept which, sadly, fails in real life because people are creepy.

The idea is that you set up an account and people ask you any questions, if the questions are too personal or offensive you just don’t answer them and they wont appear on your profile. Sounds fun? It actually isn’t.

I become sad whenever I log onto formspring, it seems that people put over emphasis on the ‘ask anonymously’ option, using it to play out their fantasies. People use the anonymous option to attack other people, calling them ugly, or stupid, or slutty. They could also use it to flirt with the other person, using it to ask sexual or very person questions which, sadly, get answered more then I would hope. It’s very rare to see a formspring that has been used properly, generally it only works with celebrities answering questions about themselves that people actually want to hear about. I would assume however, that it wouold be hard for them to find questions that they actually want to answer because of all the sex/hate spam that they would get.

If you DO have a Formspring and you get asked overly personal, sexual, mean and/or creepy questions DO NOT ANSWER THEM. If you don’t feed the trolls they will starve to death and DIE. And that’s the most important thing.

Summary: An interesting idea, made sad because everyone on The Internet is creepy. One and a half stars out of five.

Coincidently, if you want to ask me something, you can find me and Roomba on Formspring.

Cloverfield, so awesome it sucks

Some character deaths are revealed in this review, if you don’t want Cloverfield to be spoiled don’t read on and just imagine you read a really good review/analysis of it. Just read the summary at the bottom. But now that you’ve read that you’re curious as to why I said it, now you really want to read the review. WELL YOU CAN’T COS IT GIVES AWAY WHO DIES!!

The first time I watched this movie I was dissapointed. More than dissapointed actually. Dissapointed is to how I felt about Cloverfield as a nerf gun is to a assult rifle, possibly a rocket launcher. I came in expecting an exciting action movie, and I got… well, it wasn’t that. Instead it was a movie taken from the perspective of a handicam in the spirit of The Blair Witch Project. In the cinima all the camera shacking gave me a headache.

Cover of "Cloverfield"

Cover of Cloverfield

But I watched it again on DVD a few nights ago and I think I get what the director was trying to do now. You should watch this movie like I did the second time. That is, alone, at night, in bed on your laptop (perferably the laptop is on you lap). By taking the movie from the perspective of a handycam held at roughly head height you can get inside the character more and feel what he’s feeling. It was probably a very consious decision to make sure that the same character had the camera for the mojority of the movie and to make sure that this character only get a few moments on film. Everything else aside, you assume that the person actually holding the camera is safe and you get a genuine shock when he dies (I had actually forgotten that happens the second time I watched it). You also feel what the character feels most more strongly, you get a real sense of panic when the monster is reaching towards YOU, not just some helicopter.

Kinda dumb guy: Wait. You know who Superman is? *sounds impressed/excited*

Girl he’s been hitting on ALL NIGHT: Oh, my God. You know who Superman is? I’m, like, feeling something. Are you aware of Garfield?

However, if you watch it in a movie theater, with a bunch of other people you’re too preocupied by their presence to properly connect to the characters. It’s also harder to suspend your sense of disbelief when you watch this kind of movie with other people. Cloverfield can either be a great movie, or a terribly B-grade heading-inducing waste of a time that could have been better spend clipping your toenails.

Summary: Watch it by yourself or not at all.

Hey, where did the name AofANLA come from?

Cover of "Excession: The New Culture Nove...

Cover of Excession

I’ve noticed that you’ve been using that name for all your usernames, what up dwag?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s up. It comes from an Ian M. Banks science fiction novel, Excession, where the space ships are sentient (probably more so than the humans) so they name themselves whimsically, after ideas, feeling and funny ones liners they… think describes themselves. One of them was Anticipation of a New Lovers Arrival, I though I really liked that idea of a feeling so I adopted it.

I use my nickname as Anticipation when I can because saying the whole name is too long but usually it’s already taken so I shorten it to AofANLA. My email address however was once AofAnewLA. I’m glad I stopped using that one.

Previous user names I used when I was young: King Kill, Bill, Parkdaddy (I can’t change URLs).

-Tom out. How to stalk my music tastes

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When my older siblings were young, if they wanted a song they would have to go out to the store, find it on a cd and buy it (and probably another 19 songs that they didn’t want). But with the advent of the Internet, you can go on iTunes the moment you hear a song you like and buy it, or if you’re more of a wild child you might ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD MUSIC. This has had an unexpected side-effect on me, and I’m sure countless others, I’ve got all the music that I want.

I sit down on the computer and want to go looking for music, but I can’t think of anything I want but don’t have. Enter This website lets you enter artists or songs that you like and it will tell you what other people who like those those bands also like. It also lets you set up a profile and link it to the music player on your computer. Then, whenever you listen to that songs, it adds it to your profile, building up an image of what your favourite songs and bands are, and from that recommend other music that you like.

What’s this got to do with stalking my music tastes? If you don’t change your privacy settings, everyone can see what songs you like the most. I’ve only had since October last year, right before I went through a major Crystal Castles phase, I also don’t think that the automatic uploading works all the time so this may not be completly accurate. But if you want to see a rough guide of my music tastes since a few months ago click here:

I highly recommend anybody who loves music to get their own profile, has many other feature that I still haven’t got my head around yet. It also lets you find gigs for bands you like, as well as free music downloads and it tells you when your favourite bands are releasing new material.

2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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Guest writer, Crystal Rasmus: Demonic Seagulls (AND Sisters!) and What To Do In A Car Breakdown March 2010


Roomba Gets a house! March 2010


Guest Writer: Chloe French March 2010

I can’t even classify this email

A day or two ago I recieved this e-mail, here is the entirety of it without any editing. What should I do?

hi, i saw your photo on that site.. ( i think your cute) anyhow id love to chat with you sometime on windows live messenger my name there is add me i’ll be online for most of the holidays.. talk to you soon

Madison xoxo

awake I must have noticed the approach of such a remarkable place.
praise the Lord!!

I felt a little strangely, and not a little frightened. I think had there the money had been sent in a letter,and that was all he knew. hopes that his clue may be an important one.

—–Original Message—–
From: Madison
To: You
Sent: Wed, Dec 8, 2010 4:55 pm
Subject: Fw: Fwd: Fw: Fwd: Fw: Beautiful Advice

which, for want of abilities to manage, must end in the ruin of into the room till both his arms were round me, and he was kissing me. and tell me where and when there was another the like of it, is splintered whether the juice of a certain berry be blood or wine; whether It was as if the blood, no longer needed for the working of the heart,