The Time a Girl Proposed to Me on Twitter

Here’s a conversation I had on Twitter with Penguins, the subject of Penguins Appreciation Day. I know she’d appreciate it if you answered her question at the end. This is the sort of thing I get all the time from girls. Talk about stressful. And yes, she actually proposed on Facebook, but Twitter is where the conversation took place.

I say weird things on Facebook that I wouldn’t say in real life and that could quite easily be taken wrong out of context.Wed Jan 05 12:10:15 via Twitter for iPhone

Weird thing I’ve said on Facebook # 1: Marry me, @AofANLAWed Jan 05 12:11:41 via Twitter for iPhone

Weird thing I’ve said on Facebook # 2: (again to @AofANLA ) make my wildest dreams come true.Wed Jan 05 12:13:06 via Twitter for iPhone

Weird thing I’ve said on Facebook # 3: who could not be in favor of his ass?Wed Jan 05 12:13:41 via Twitter for iPhone

That last one was NOT about @AofANLA. He’s not the only one I accidentally proposition.Wed Jan 05 12:14:46 via Twitter for iPhone

And about the first one: @AofANLA did ask me to propose to him, even if he denies that he did.Wed Jan 05 12:19:08 via Twitter for iPhone

@penguins_quack When did I ask you to marry me? I don’t remember this.Wed Jan 05 23:02:34 via web

@AofANLA No, I asked you to marry me. You implied that you wanted me to propose (with your winky face), remember?Wed Jan 05 23:04:20 via Twitter for iPhone

@penguins_quack Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me now.Wed Jan 05 23:05:47 via web

@AofANLA aren’t you going to deny that you wanted me to propose? By international law, if you don’t it means we have to get married.Wed Jan 05 23:31:52 via Twitter for iPhone

@AofANLA *sigh* and here I was planning not to get married until I was at least in my twenties. Darn.Wed Jan 05 23:33:01 via Twitter for iPhone

@penguins_quack You’re turning twenty this year, I don’t think we can get it planned before your birthday.Wed Jan 05 23:44:19 via web

@AofANLA Oh, that’s great then. How do you feel about an autumn wedding next year? Or would you like it a little sooner than that?Wed Jan 05 23:45:54 via web

@penguins_quack You should know that while you were waiting for my protests I was in the shower. And I’ve always liked winter.Wed Jan 05 23:53:51 via web

@AofANLA winter will be too cold for a wedding dress, summer too hot for a tux. I guess it depends where we have the wedding.Wed Jan 05 23:55:23 via Twitter for iPhone

@AofANLA Oh and “Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me now.” was your reply. It was far from a protest.Wed Jan 05 23:56:44 via web

@penguins_quack Still, I’m certain I didn’t accept.Wed Jan 05 23:57:44 via web

@penguins_quack Are you disappointed? Maybe later, right now I just feel like I’m not ready to settle down yet.Thu Jan 06 00:00:31 via web

@AofANLA That’s fine. I still feel much too young to get engaged. Later suits me.Thu Jan 06 00:02:10 via web

@penguins_quack You’re the one who keeps proposing.Thu Jan 06 00:05:16 via web

@AofANLA You think I’m gorgeous, you want to kiss me…You want to hug me… You want to love me… You want to hug me… #misscongenialityThu Jan 06 00:05:52 via web

@AofANLA Am I being creepy? 😦Thu Jan 06 00:06:53 via web


13 thoughts on “The Time a Girl Proposed to Me on Twitter

  1. Wow. Thanks for posting this.
    And now that I re-read it I realise that I didn’t actually propose to you (this time). I joked that under international law we needed to get married. It’s sort of different.

  2. It is only creepy if Tom doesn’t love it, so no. Also Miss Congeniality reference, LOVE IT! (#firedup)

  3. EDIT: I figured it out. Twitter’s integration of both status and comments formed a highly commented post in facebook (i think)

  4. I’m just sad you left out the quote where you said “Damn it, @penguins_quack keeps trying to trick me into marrying her.”

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