FML :( givemesomeattention by Ellen Wild

If you are anything like me, you are getting sick of the constant depressing updates that go along the lines of:

Notsonotrealperson: I can’t take this anymore!!!

At the start I’m normally like OMGosh! I didn’t realise this person was having such a hard time, but by the tenth or so status saying the same thing in one hour my sympathy is kind of gone, and so is that person off my friends list or post list. The problem with these statuses is they give you a feeling that you want to know what’s happening, but the thing is that person doesn’t want to tell all of facebook, so you are left feeling cheated and annoyed at them. MEGA SAD FACE! Okay, so sometim

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es I personally write a depressing/heartfelt status, but most of the them I don’t post, because I’ll only write a status if I can forefill peoples, hopefully, desire to know what is so wrong with my life that I have to let all 344 Facebook friends of mine know about it. I’m also sick of people writing their own status to comment on how they are sick of people who are attention seeking (I know I’m kind of contradicting this whole blog but I have to make you realise). To me its simple everyone who has a facebook account is looking for attention on facebook. Whether you’re constantly posting a status EVERY FIVE FREAKING SECONDS or just have an account, you are all looking for attention. People look for attention in the photos they take to show they actually have a ‘life’, which is normally the most enjoyable part of the party for me, lol. Okay, so I’m labelling myself as an attention seeking person, and hell yeah I am, I want to make my unerasable mark on society, even if they are most of the time just really random thoughts that no one really cares about. But so are you

(You can’t miss this AWESOME name. WATCH OUT —–Jodie Cohen—– You missed it didn’t you, can’t believe you missed it )


Those statuses that go along the lines of: Notsonotrealperson: Inbox me a number and i will……… FOR ONE YOU ARE FILLING UP MY INSANELY IMPORTANT NEWS FEED, and two it’s normally real easy to see who it’s actually about because they LIKE IT. This is a new problem that I hope is a short lived craze, and in a week you’ll look back and go, HAHAHA those were good times, lol. wink-a-de-wink face 😉

Anyways, this blog post was brought to you by the letter E and the number W…. yeah never did finish watching sesame street.




From Tom: If you do seem somebody spamming depressive, attention seeking statuses, or using FML, like ever, than link them to this page.


2 thoughts on “FML :( givemesomeattention by Ellen Wild

  1. First up, liking the new theme/layout Tom. Looks good 😀

    And nice guest blog post 🙂

    This sums up a lot of the reasons why I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. At times I love it because it does let you connect with people, gives you some of that much craved attention that everyone is after and works well as a social platform. Other times I hate it for these very reasons and how central it has become in relationships and social interactions.

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