Hey, where did the name AofANLA come from?

Cover of "Excession: The New Culture Nove...

Cover of Excession

I’ve noticed that you’ve been using that name for all your usernames, what up dwag?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s up. It comes from an Ian M. Banks science fiction novel, Excession, where the space ships are sentient (probably more so than the humans) so they name themselves whimsically, after ideas, feeling and funny ones liners they… think describes themselves. One of them was Anticipation of a New Lovers Arrival, I though I really liked that idea of a feeling so I adopted it.

I use my nickname as Anticipation when I can because saying the whole name is too long but usually it’s already taken so I shorten it to AofANLA. My email address however was once AofAnewLA. I’m glad I stopped using that one.

Previous user names I used when I was young: King Kill, Bill, Parkdaddy (I can’t change URLs).

-Tom out.


5 thoughts on “Hey, where did the name AofANLA come from?

  1. DID YOU KNOW: My computer decided it doesn’t want to load half of this page. So if the formatting looks bad, it’s because I couldn’t see it.

    • I am a bit of a romantic. It’s meant to be the feeling though, of waiting at a train-station/bus-stop/whatever for a girl you’re going out with, not the literal meaning of someone waiting to find a new love. Otherwise it’s just sad.

  2. I wish I could think of a good web alias, but my lack of creativity and indecisiveness conspire against me.

    Wait, I’ve got it; BofBOMB!

    Huh, what do you know, advancing all of your acronyms’s letters by one actually makes a word….

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