Formspring, social media for closet perverts

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Formspring is an interesting concept which, sadly, fails in real life because people are creepy.

The idea is that you set up an account and people ask you any questions, if the questions are too personal or offensive you just don’t answer them and they wont appear on your profile. Sounds fun? It actually isn’t.

I become sad whenever I log onto formspring, it seems that people put over emphasis on the ‘ask anonymously’ option, using it to play out their fantasies. People use the anonymous option to attack other people, calling them ugly, or stupid, or slutty. They could also use it to flirt with the other person, using it to ask sexual or very person questions which, sadly, get answered more then I would hope. It’s very rare to see a formspring that has been used properly, generally it only works with celebrities answering questions about themselves that people actually want to hear about. I would assume however, that it wouold be hard for them to find questions that they actually want to answer because of all the sex/hate spam that they would get.

If you DO have a Formspring and you get asked overly personal, sexual, mean and/or creepy questions DO NOT ANSWER THEM. If you don’t feed the trolls they will starve to death and DIE. And that’s the most important thing.

Summary: An interesting idea, made sad because everyone on The Internet is creepy. One and a half stars out of five.

Coincidently, if you want to ask me something, you can find me and Roomba on Formspring.


3 thoughts on “Formspring, social media for closet perverts

  1. The Formsping elevator pitch: It’s a online service which allows friends to ask each other personal questions without even giving the courtesy of identifying themselves, and then these answers to anonymous personal questions get published on the public internet.

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