Question Time!

If I could get away with it I could spend hours asking complete strangers questions. I really enjoy getting to know people and what makes them tick.

Things I’d ask include:

  • What kinda music do you like? Why? Did you ever like any other sort? What do you think of the indie scene? What about the mainstream stuff? Is there any music you hate? What do you think of people who get off knowing about obscure bands?
  • Do you watch TV? What about reading? Or do you play video games? Is the modern version of reading a novel playing video games? Or is the modern version of reading a novel reading a modern novel? Do you think people do it for the escapist element? Do you? Are you comfortable with that?
  • Do you know your family history? Are you proud of it? Do you care at all?
  • Do you have a life story? Or do you think events are just happening and they aren’t connected?
  • Do you believe in a god or the supernatural? Do you believe what you’d like to be true or what you think is true? If you do, why doesn’t everyone know?
  • Where’s the best place to have a date? Is a movie really a good place take a girl? Is it slutty for the girl to be the pursuer in the relationship. That is, the girl is the one who gets the guys phone number, asks him out etc..

And then I could ask really specific questions, things that have been bothering me, like:

A guy and a girl are on a date. The night went rather well but after they leave *wherever they were* and walk down a dark alley *for some reason* they get held up by a guy demanding their money. What should the guy in the date do? Hand over his money or fight the other guy? What is the mugger had a knife? Or a gun?

You might have guessed, but a lot of these questions have come up because people that I know have said things that surprised me and that I disagree with. But these are really all just preliminary questions, what I really want to know is about the depths of identity. Things like:

  • When someone asks you how you are, what do you think of? What, to you, defines whether your life is going well or not? Having a boyfriend, good grades, good food, …?
  • How do you define yourself? Is it your taste in music? Is it who your friends are, what you own, what your job is, what you study, …? Is it possible to not like who you are? Do you like who you are? If you don’t, would you do anything to change it?

I think it’d be really cool if you could answer some of these in the comments or if you’re a blogger to make a post yourself, like I said before I’m really interested in what people think. Formspring was created with this in mind, but without the capacity for discussion on an answer it quickly became a platform for bullying and privacy breaches. Since I’ve asked for other people to answer these I think it’d only be fair if I did too, but it’s getting late now and I want to give each of these questions a real answer so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow when I promise I’ll answer them. The very fact that I’m interested in these questions and not others probably speaks volumes.


12 thoughts on “Question Time!

  1. • I like Australian country music, and some light indie sort of music (e.g. Jonathan Coulton). But I’m not a big music listener. I don’t like most popular music, or indie culture.

    • I watch a little bit of telly, don’t read enough and play video games too much. Yes, yes, sometimes, sometimes, yes.

    • I don’t know heaps of my family history but I do find it interesting. I managed to work up a big family tree a few years ago on a hard drive that crashed, which discouraged me from going further.

    • As a Christian, I have a life story, just not one that most people would find particularly interesting.

    • Yes, I do, and most people I know know.

    • I can’t really comment on this, not having a girlfriend. I don’t think it’s appropriate fir the girl to be the pursuer, but I’m not really a forward guy, so we’ll see what happens 😛

    • I’m not really sure about the fight one. I’d probably say hand over the money, but if you felt that your girlfriend was in immediate danger, fight.

    • How awake and alert I feel.

    • I think it’s definitely possible to not like who you are, and in some instances it’s possible to change things. There are a lot of things I don’t like about myself, but I just have to change what I can and accept the truth.

    • The mobile version of your site is pretty neat.

  2. SO hey,
    I don’t really have time to answer all these questions because I’m off to make toblerone cheesecake (nom nom nom), and plus, I believe I will be seeing you today (yes I am your stalker – hence my name). I like this new blog, it’s very interesting. Well done.
    Let’s see, I’ll find one question and answer it; “Is the modern version of reading a novel playing video games?” Hell no!
    I like video games and reading, but I’d say reading is more relaxing and video games are better when you’re with more people, or in the mood for slaughtering people, or kicking monkey-boy’s and marshmallow’s butts at dungeon hunter, because I am that good.
    until later park-daddy

  3. Okay, I’ll answer, for laughs, and to stave off boredom and ennui. Prepare for a monster wall of text.

    I tend to like punk rock and alternative rock, but I’ll give almost anything a try.
    I like them for no particular reason. The music I like is often either energetic and fun, or slower and melodic. That’s just what I like.
    As for the indie/mainstream questions, my answer is no. I don’t go out of my way to listen to either. I suppose I listen to more mainstream music, essentially because it IS mainstream. I have more exposure, and so I learn about it more often.
    I don’t really say there’s any music that I hate. I’m not religious, but I like a few hymns, I’m not from Texas, but I like the odd country/western song. I’m not really opposed to anything.
    People getting off on liking obscure stuff annoys me though. You’re not special, you just go and listen to things that not many people have.
    “I used to like Muse, but now other people do, so I can’t.”
    Sadly, I know the person who said those exact words. I do not get along with him.

    I don’t watch TV. I barely know how to work our TV at home. I do watch the occasional show, which we hae bought on DVD(MASH, Futurama, Black Books, etc.) but I haven’t watched anything on TV for years. This will change, in a manner of speaking, in a few days, when I shall be watching Doctor Who on iView each week. Still, not the TV. 😛
    I do love to read. Unfortunately, I don’t get to very often, as I live a busy life. However, when I do read, I love it.
    I do play video games! Quite a lot in fact. Again, like reading, I don’t often get the chance these days, what with uni, and life, and travel. But again, I try and play some here and there.
    However, video games are NOT the modern version of reading a novel, nor is reading a modern novel modern equivalent. Video games are a different, but related, media, and modern novels are a subset of all novels. That’s really all I have to say.
    I think a lot of people read books, play games and watch movies for the escapist element. Life can grind people down, even if they have nothing to be sad about. With all these things, they can be someone else, who saves the world, kicks ass, takes names, and gets the guy/girl.
    I myself often indulge in escapism, and enjoy it. The trick is to know when to come back to reality.

    Family history. There’s an odd one. I only know one piece, and I am exceptionally proud of it, but I couldn’t care less about our history in the long run. For those of you who are interested, my great-great-great-great-great-etc. uncle was Lord Kelvin. The man who invented the Kelvin Temperature System. So yeah… That’s cool.

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean by life story… I believe that almost all events of my life are connected, if only due to the fact that I am me, and I tend to do things in a certain way, and that links things up.

    Religion and the Supernatural. Lets deal with these one at a time, shall we? Easy one first.
    I don’t believe in the supernatural. I don’t feel that there are ghosts, boogey men, and haunted pokemon games (see ). Despite this, I think that there are many things in this world that we have yet to explain, and some of these may be seen as supernatural by those who have witnessed them. I’m not sure what I want here. On one hand, the escapist part of me would love for so many supernatural things to be real, but at the same time, that would kinda.. cheapen them.
    As for God, religion and faith, I have mixed views. I am agnostic in the truest sense of the word. I don’t know what I think. However, that doesn’t bother me. I live well, trying not to harm anyone, and trying to do good where I go. If there is a god, of any sort, I’m sure that my behaviour will be appreciated more than blind faith for fear of damnation. If there isn’t a god, none of it matters beyond death, so I do it for the happiness it brings.

    The best place to have a date? Well, I have lots of ideas, and it depends on the girl, but I like parks. There’s something nice about hanging out in a park, swinging on the swings, and generally enjoying each others company without any assistance or influence.
    As for movies, they are good for pre-relationship dates, and for hanging out in a relationship, but not for real dates. The reason they are good for pre-relationship dates is that it’s kinda intimate, in that you are isolated, and away from other people who know you, in the dark, which is a bit romantic, but you can get past the awkward “I like you” smalltalk that always occurs and talk about the movie, the actors and actresses, and so on. And it’s perfectly fine for the girl to ask the guy out. It may bruise the ego of the guy who got asked… but I doubt thats much of a concern. Most guys are pleased just to get asked out.

    Anyway, there’s my massive reply. Almost big enough for a blog post by itself… Hrmmmm… 😛

    – Jack

  4. So I stumbled across the link you posted about the Facebook virus blog post, and started having a read through your older ones, and I think this is really interesting. I too like getting to know strangers, but I haven’t really thought about the kind of questions I would ask. The other thing, is that reading these questions really made me wonder how I would answer them, and now I’m sitting here trying to figure out who I am and what makes me happy basically. I would answer them for you in my blog but it might take me a very, very long time!

    • Well, we are basically strangers, so you answering these questions is pretty much what I’m looking for! And you have a blog? Can I see?

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