A Clayton’s Conversation

This happens to me almost every time I get on Facebook (and MSN, back in the day). I’d log in, mostly on reflex, while doing something else on the Internet. Usually I mean to only check for a couple minutes while I’m doing *something else* but as soon as I log into Facebook a person will open a chat window with me and say some kind of generic greeting like ‘Hi’.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but my problem is that after that they do nothing to hold up the conversation. Here’s an example.

“Oh hey you! How are you going?”
“That’s great! 😀 Been up to much this holidays?”
“Not really. Wbu?”
“Well, I went over to the coast to fix up this old school building, I wasn’t really into it at first but after a few days I kinda liked it. It was so run down that it was kinda cool you know?”

Cue me screaming at rage at my monitor. If you’re going to start a conversation with my, try to make it an actual conversation. If I persist these people would reply with one word answers until a long silence followed by “goodbye”. Just to be clear, this isn’t one particular person, it’s heaps of people.

So tonight I’ve decided, I’m not going to go to huge lengths to prop up a conversation that I didn’t want in the first place, if you want to talk to me you’ve got to put in the effort.

Clayton’s conversation: The conversation when you’re not having a conversation.


4 thoughts on “A Clayton’s Conversation

  1. OMG! I Hate this! It happens all the time!
    I’ll happily talk to you, if you talk! But you have to actually say something! Otherwise, why did you ever initiate the chat?!

    And its always the person that you don’t want to talk to who will actually sustain a conversation. Why is that?

  2. We knew a lady who had a boyfriend called Clayton. We used the line, “The boyfriend you have when you aren’t having a boyfriend.” all the time. I approve of your use here, and sympathise greatly.

    And Laura is right. It IS always the people you don’t want to talk to. :-/ Most uncool.

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