My Answers to My Questions that I asked My Own Self

Here are my answers to the questions that I asked a few days ago. If you don’t want to read all of each question don’t feel bad. There is a lot written here. If you want you can just read the answers to the questions that you’re interested in.


What kinda music do you like? Why? Did you ever like any other sort? What do you think of the indie scene? What about the mainstream stuff? Is there any music you hate? What do you think of people who get off knowing about obscure bands?

Most of all I like indie music, I love Triple J and get all my music from there. I guess I like it because it’s different and fresh. I’m a man who really enjoys listening to music, when I was teenager I’d have the radio on all the time. It didn’t take all that long then, for me to realise that there aren’t really that many songs out there in mainstream music. Here’s the song by the young blonde boy about how much he loves his girlfriend, here’s the song by the bad boy rapper about how much money he has and how he gets all the bitches and hoes, here’s a song by the sensitive rapper lamenting the loss of his true love. It’s not just the themes of the songs that are the same, it’s the music too. I never studied music, so I can’t explain it in technical terms, but heaps of the mainstream songs have the same sound to them. So I turned to triple j and I’ve never looked back. Now that indie music has become my world it’s hard to tell, but it seems that more and more of it is leaking into the general music scene. Not to say that there aren’t some mainstream artists who I like, it’s just that the vast majority are crap. If you don’t write the music, you don’t write the lyrics and you’re voice gets auto tuned, what exactly is your talent? I don’t like people who act all big because they know obscure bands. That said, I fear that I am becoming one. I used to really like Fallout Boy when they weren’t played on Australian radio stations and I only heard them on an American show, but when they became big here too I got over them pretty fast. Maybe because I listen to so much music I get sick of things faster then other people?


Do you watch TV? What about reading? Or do you play video games? Is the modern version of reading a novel playing video games? Or is the modern version of reading a novel reading a modern novel? Do you think people do it for the escapist element? Do you? Are you comfortable with that?

Since moving into a boarding house I’ve stopped regularity watching TV. Which makes me sad in a way, because I used to be such a big TV watcher. But I think I’ve got to make a distinction between watching TV shows and watching a TV network. I never got involved in the ‘TV events’. If there’s a special on about some trending topic I’ve always tried to avoid it. I still love watching TV series though, it’s just now that I do it from box sets. I love reading. Like really love it. If I didn’t get into computer science I would have probably pursued a career that involved books in some way. Luckily the pay for the average programmer is larger than the pay of the average author. I read all types of books, although I prefer high fantasy. Well, I probably need to expand on that statement a bit more. I like high fantasy (that is, fantasy taking place in a fictional world such as Lord of the Rings, as opposed to something like Harry Potter which takes elements of the real world) when it uses the fantasy elements to explore complex ideas. The Sword of Truth (which is, btw, my favourite series) does this really well, Terry Goodkind who wrote it, describes his books more of philosophy than fantasy (although it does also have fantastic action). I’d recommend anyone to read the first book Wizards First Rule, it has something for everyone. My next favourite authors Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman are similar but they use fantasy to explore the characters emotions and decisions. I also play a LOT of video games. Although once again, since uni’s started I haven’t had enough time to read it. I don’t think the modern version of reading a novel is playing a video game. My buddy Henry pointed out that video games are a lot like stories told in the second person. You do this, then you do that, then you go out into the forest and grind for a couple hours. I don’t think that video games are the modern version of novels, I think that they are a totally different form of media for telling different stories. My favourite game, Terranigma has what I think is one of the most interesting stories in it, but the story would be untellable in a different media. You should also go out and play it. It didn’t get as much fame as Chrono Trigger because it was never released in America. Their loss. The wording of that question came from a comedy song I heard on triple j, I guess a modern novel is actually technically what’s considered a post-modern novel where the traditional techniques are replaced by this crazy meta writing. It’s a hard concept to explain. Although my favourite author is Terry Goodkind my very favourite book is The Raw Shark Texts, which is a perfect example of a post-modern novel. A few years someone close to me asked me why I play video games so much, it really stumped me at the time. At the time I guess the reason I did all these things was for the escapist element, and I wasn’t very comfortable with that. These days though, it’s mostly to fight off boredom or just because it’s fun.


Do you know your family history? Are you proud of it? Do you care at all?

I do know a bit of it, mostly on the Parker side. And I really like it knowing about it. My grandpa came to South Australia during the depression from Melbourne with his parents and eight brothers and sisters in an old truck that kept breaking down. Grandpa was, however, born in New Zealand after HIS dad moved there from Australia after all his sheep were stolen by rustlers. He was also a priest and an aboriginal activist. And going from the old photo’s that we found, pretty solid. There’s this really old book, filled with photo’s and all the guys in it are either in the army of really tough looking reverends. So yeah, I’m a bit proud.


Do you have a life story? Or do you think events are just happening and they aren’t connected?

I defiantly have a life story. Actually, this is a silly question because I think that everyone has a life story that’s really interesting. Probably because I love stories in all media forms so much I can see mine a bit more clearly. You could even separate my life into different volumes by the different places that I’ve lived. Going by that logic we would be up to volume four now.

Volume One: From birth to year 5. Several recurring characters are introduced. Mostly just establishes my character and some of the themes that will be explored later. It ends with my changing schools. Ends on a downer 😦

Volume Two: Year 5 to year 10. A large number of the important characters are introduced here. This is the social skills arc. Ends with me moving a large way away although it’s also a happy ending.

Volume Three: Year 10 to year 12. This is where the most significant characters now are included. Heaps of foreshadowing at the start for later events. It’s the identity arc. Ends on a high. Starts good, goes down in the middle, ends great.

Volume Four: Uni to ?. I don’t know what the core themes or arc name is going to be yet. But so far it seems to be joining all the other arcs together. Hopefully the story isn’t wrapping up.


Do you believe in a god or the supernatural? Do you believe what you’d like to be true or what you think is true? If you do, why doesn’t everyone know?

Those who know me should know that I’m a Christian. I’ve talked to people who think that you should believe what you want to be true. I know that’s the ‘modern’ philosophy but I don’t buy it. I value truth greatly and frankly if you believe something that you don’t think it true then you need a dictionary so you can look up the definition of believe. Constantine (the movie) made a really good point for why God’s existence isn’t a recognised fact. Constantine knew for a fact the existence of hevan and hell. But that didn’t make him a Christian, it made him a guy who hated both sides. If God’s endgame is to have as many people as Christians as possible and his existence being recognised doesn’t directly leave to it…


Where’s the best place to have a date? Is a movie really a good place take a girl?

Do people still go on dates? Like actual dates? Well, if I did I’d go for a picnic in the park. Or justly go for a walk with her somewhere quiet. I actually hate doing a going to a movie for a social event. You sit in the dark and don’t talk to each other. A dinner and a movie might be a bit better, but not by much. If you’re only attractive in a dull light and you smell really good then go ahead, a movie is perfect for you.


Is it slutty for the girl to be the pursuer in the relationship. That is, the girl is the one who gets the guys phone number, asks him out etc..

I don’t think it is at all! But a girl said this to me once, she thought it was mega slutty for a girl to ask for a phone number. She later asked me out.

A guy and a girl are on a date. The night went rather well but after they leave *wherever they were* and walk down a dark alley *for some reason* they get held up by a guy demanding their money. What should the guy in the date do? Hand over his money or fight the other guy? What is the mugger had a knife? Or a gun?

I thought the answer to this was so obvious that it wasn’t even a question at all, but as I asked more people and they gave the same answer I started to get worried. Apparently, a lot of my friends think the correct response is to take the guy on. I couldn’t think of a worse thing to do! Firstly, safety is paramount, I value my life and health much more than whatever would be in my wallet. Not to mention the safety of the girl I’m with, how does it even begin to compare? Because fighting the guy and beating him down would be attractive? The whole hero deal? Not really. Read Looking for Alibrandi or watch Fight Club. There is nothing attractive about fighting, it’s ugly and disgusting. I’ve maintained for years that avoiding a fight is a much bigger victory than winning a fight.


When someone asks you how you are, what do you think of? What, to you, defines whether your life is going well or not? Having a boyfriend, good grades, good food, …?

I guess I think of how I’m going with my friends lately. If I’ve seen them then I’m in a reasonably good mood. It can also do with if I’ve seen a good tv show or read a good book. Just being at uni makes me predisposed towards being in a good mood too because it fits my self image.


How do you define yourself? Is it your taste in music? Is it who your friends are, what you own, what your job is, what you study, …?

This one’s actually really hard. I ask it to see if someone has a real answer. I guess it’s sometimes easier to see how other people define themselves rather than how you define yourself. I define myself, as a nerd I guess. As well as a good guy and someone who cares about the truth.


Is it possible to not like who you are? Do you like who you are? If you don’t, would you do anything to change it?

It’s hard for me to imagine not liking who I am. I mean, at the moment it’d be nice if I was fitter. If it bothers me enough I guess I’ll start doing some more exercise. For deeper issues people need to relax more. We are all really awesome because of how unique we are, if you don’t try to be like everybody else and focus on that thing that makes you, you, people respond to you better.


Oh my golly gosh. That took all of Lethal Weapon 2 for me to write. For reading all the way to the bottom I’m going to give you a gift, a picture that Penguin drew of me. Bear in mind when you see it that she’s never seen me AND I’M NOT A BISHONEN. Check it out:


5 thoughts on “My Answers to My Questions that I asked My Own Self

  1. Well…this is me…commenting on your blog…


    And I shall tell you a tale!! =D

    I was dancing with a woman who told me she had a yeast infection,
    So I said ‘Well, go make a loaf of bread!’

    Aftering looking back on what I said, I decided that that was a sandwich I would never want to eat.

    The End.

  2. Ok… so since I’m bored and in an honest mood… I’ll answer some of your questions. 😛 And I’m going from bottom to top until I get bored of this… so do not question this logic… 🙂

    Is it possible to not like who you are? Most definitely. I’ve known people to completely hate themselves, I’m more shocked when people actually and truly like themselves these days. There’s so much negativity, and we’re shut down for looking at the positives in ourselves. A prime example is telling someone that you’re smart… straight away you’re challenged and told that you’re an idiot, yet you tell people you’re dumb, people will automatically agree and encourage this perception of self. I would like to know how it is truly possible to think well of yourself when there is such an encouragement in both media and closer society to talk ourselves down.
    Do you like who you are? If you don’t, would you do anything to change it? Mostly. As I said before, so much encouragement to think badly of yourself, that sometimes its hard to think well of yourself. I also have tried, and changed myself throughout my past to attempt to be a better person. But I also think that its important to not change too much. We are who we are, and if we change ourselves to better fit someone else’s ideal, we will never be happy.

    How do you define yourself? I’m not really sure, I think it’s a mixture. It’s both your family and history, your friends and how you act. I define myself as everything, since we’re all capable of everything, that’s how i see it…

    When someone asks you how you are, what do you think of? I always wonder if they really care or are just asking to be polite…
    What, to you, defines whether your life is going well or not? If I am happy and there is minimal negative drama, then my life is going well. It’s also going well when I’m surrounded with good friends, I don’t care much for material possessions.

    Guy and girl date scenario… That ones hard. I have grown up believing that men should protect their women folk, so using that logic then he should try and fight and defend her. However, I’ve also been taught you should pick your fights. So considering the potential danger of the situation, he should comply with the moronic thug and fight another day…

    Is it slutty for the girl to be the pursuer in the relationship. That is, the girl is the one who gets the guys phone number, asks him out etc.. Not at all. The only times I think a girl can ever act slutty is when she cheats and promises guys her affections when she just wants their sex. However, having said that, I personally prefer the guy to pursue. It seems old fashioned, but its nicer when the guy is manly enough to chase. I’ve actually had this conversation twice tonight… So note to the nice guys who are a little shy out there. As a general, the only reason you don’t have as many girlfriends as the dickheads is because your too shy and don’t ask the girls… 🙂

    Where’s the best place to have a date? Is a movie really a good place take a girl? Okay, movies are GREAT for dates… when you know the guy well, but if I’m going on a date with a guy, I’d like to you know actually converse. So going out to places like a picnic, or a sports game are really cool. There’s a distraction around you that can allow you to not always talk, but you can still get to know each other. Movies are just really good to have a makeout and grope. However, movie and dinner combines both. 🙂

    Do you believe in a god or the supernatural? Do you believe what you’d like to be true or what you think is true? If you do, why doesn’t everyone know? Ok, so I’m pagan and I have lots of beilefs… if I wrote them here… you would be reading until you were 50… but I will say this, I do think to a certain degree that all religions and belief systems are true, and its what suits us best that we should follow. And asking why doesn’t everyone know is the same as asking why do some people not feel scared when they see a snake, or in love when they see their partner… belief is a very personal feeling that shouldn’t need to be explained, much like fear and love. 🙂

    Do you have a life story? We ALL have a life story. And contrary to popular opinion, I think everyone’s is just as interesting and important as the rest. That’s one thing I love about new acquaintances, hearing their stories and learning new things from them. 🙂

    Do you know your family history? Are you proud of it? Do you care at all? I’m sure I do have a family history, however, since my family is pretty messy… I don’t really care to find out about it. Also, the people I class as family aren’t biologically related, because I don’t have much to do with my biological family. So would my family history then be that of my perceived family, or biological one??

    Do you watch TV? No, as a general I don’t. However, I DO watch tv shows on my laptop, so if that can be counted as TV….
    What about reading? I love reading, I would rather reading to the computer or any other piece of technology. I think unpacking the intricacies behind a good story, and just enjoying the journey it takes you on is amazing. 🙂 And yes, I AM a nerd. 🙂
    Or do you play video games? As a general no… technology is NOT my fortey…
    Is the modern version of reading a novel playing video games? Or is the modern version of reading a novel reading a modern novel? Nothing can ever truly replace reading a novel… including the electronic books and audio books. There is something special about physically turning your own pages. 🙂

    What kinda music do you like? Why? I like a lot of different music. It really comes down to my mood, and what I’m thinking at the time. But as a general I like music that I can either move to, or that has lyrics that I can connect with. Its great when it has both. 🙂
    Did you ever like any other sort? As I said above, I like lots of genres, although I used to be very into tryhard punk and goth and emo…
    What do you think of the indie scene? I’m not sure… never really seen or heard the indie scene much… you shall have to educate me… if you’re still reading all this crap. 🙂
    What about the mainstream stuff? A lot of the mainstream stuff is shonky. Someone said it was cool, so therefore it must be??? I think not…
    Is there any music you hate? Not as a general… although when things are overplayed I’m not the biggest fan… I more go on a vendetta against the artist than the music…
    What do you think of people who get off knowing about obscure bands? Each to their own. 🙂

    Ok… so if you’re still reading this… IMPRESSIVE… sorry to bore, but you asked. 🙂 and btw, I’m guessing / hoping you know who this is… if not… I shall remain a mystery. 🙂

  3. In answer to your question (The one hidden within the answers to your questions) I wish people really did still go on dates. But honestly, I don’t think they do much anymore. Which is sad.

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