What is Objectifying Women?

So, you might have heard of this little thing called feminism. No? Ok then, I’ll explain it for the philistines. It’s this (rather strange) concept that women are people too. Not only that (and yes dear reader, I do hear you gasp) they are equal to men!

I have it on good authority that most modern men (you know, the type that buy expensive clothes and know what a duvet is) actually say that they subscribe to this belief! They view women as *deep breath* HUMAN BEINGS.

But is that actually the truth? Not the part about women being to equal to men or anything, that’s a given. But do guys really believe it? Do they really act like it? I don’t think that we (and I’m including myself here) have really stopped thinking of women as objects? I’d also like to take this idea a step further and say that I don’t think women can sometimes have trouble not viewing men as objects either. That last bit is, of course, pure speculation, as the woman is an unfathomable creature of mystery to me so for this post I’ll just talk about how men act.

How would we act towards women if we didn’t think of them as objects?

1) We wouldn’t pursue them.

This point really needs some expansion to make sense. Some guys make a big deal about knowing a large number of women, or getting lots of phone numbers. What is the point of this? Does it mean you’re collecting something? Like you would an object? Maybe when men chase women, what they want isn’t that woman but just a woman. Things hardly ever work out when men go out looking to meet women. I think that if you really want a good relationship you shouldn’t try to force one, all other considerations beside trying to force one will make you accept someone you don’t actually want that much. Good enough isn’t actually good enough.

2) We wouldn’t have types.

When a guy says “I like blondes” or “I like indie chicks”, that is objectifying women. It’s when you don’t like a person, you like a type of person. This strip sums it up pretty well. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate a point that I don’t have a thing for redheads. I just know many redheads that are attractive.

3) We wouldn’t have pin up girls.

Oh no! Surely not something on the internet that’s saying porn is bad! And it’s not just pin up girls! Oh no! It’s women on the street as well. When you check out a girl, or say how nice her legs are or imagining how good she’d be in bed you’re thinking of her as an object. It’s really hard to get more degrading than that. It almost makes you wish there were some way women could stop men looking at them like that…

This is not a blog post about how I don’t act, I’m guilty of all these things. I doubt that very many people don’t do these things. This is just pointing out what we all do and how we aren’t as liberal minded as we might like to think that we are. But still, if we could try to do these things less I’m sure that the world would improve in countless ways.


One thought on “What is Objectifying Women?

  1. In my opinion, seeing a woman as just a pretty face and body and nothing else is objectifying her. Or seeing a plain woman as someone who has no value just because she is plain. So magazines like Hustler and Penthouse objectify women as well as those Girls Gone Wild videos. However, I don’t think objectifying women should be confused with glorifying the female form. Which is something that the Sports illustrated Swimsuits Edition or Playboy Magazine does. How is it different? Well the pictures are tasteful and beautiful and the magazines highlight other aspects of these women such as how smart and interesting they are. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a woman wanting to be seen as a beautiful sexy woman, but it’s usually more for herself than for the people who are looking.

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