Nehanshika: WTF, Vocaloid, Addictive

Before I say anything about this song I want you to hear it yourself so that you can form your own opinions. Don’t worry, it’s a bit more than two minutes long. Except if you have a fear of creepy crawlies. Then you should worry.

Ok, so this probably needs a bit of an explanation. This is a song that’s created using Vocaloid, a Japanese invention that will create a vocal track if you enter the music and  lyrics. It’s a bit more complex in actuality but that’s the gist.

My first response to this video was immortalized on Facebook on Monday night: “Biggest dose of WTF that I’ve had all week”. And really, that’s pretty much what everyone says when I show them this. But right after that I said that for some reason I can’t put my finger on I actually kinda like it.

GOOD: Video/Music Interaction
Lots of songs complement their video clips well, and lots of video clips complement their songs very well. But this song does something very good in that both the song and the video clip complement each other very well without ever taking focus away from the other, I think that it finds a really good mix. The animation itself is a good example of very basic anime which doesn’t seemed to be used as much these days. A classic staple was slowing the video right down for a second or two before speeding it up and doing something really impressive, and although you don’t see it as much these days this video does it perfectly.

BAD: It’s a Little Frightening
Well, a little may be the wrong word, the first time you see it you’ll be freaked the hell out. But strangly, after you watch it a few times (and you probably will, look at the next point) you’ll stop being freaked out by the crazy imagery. After a while you’ll start to see that even though they’re deformed, they don’t actually have mean expressions. The chick kinda smiles and the guy has this kinda neutral expression, I assume he’s just thinking about how awesome he is.

GOOD: Dangerously Addictive
There’s something about this song that drags you in after you’ve seen it a couple of time, I’ve had this in my head for two days now. It could be the huge amount of energy that it has, which is contrasted by the singers(?) lack of emotion. Add to this the way that you can’t actually sing along with the words because it’s in Japanese to try and purge yourself of it and you’re stuck wanting more.

BAD: More Frustrating than a Chubachub
As I said before it’s in Japanese, so unless you’re really good at remembering strange sound (or you know, speak Japanese) you can’t really sing along, and it sticks in your song so hard. Another thing is that it only goes for two minutes. Two great minutes, but still only two minutes. It’s a very short song so it’s hard to get as much satisfaction out of it as you would like.

GOOD: Very Good Animation (in a way)
After looking at this guys earlier videos it looks like this is the one where he discovered the secret of really good animation, hiding your limitations. It’s incredibly difficult to make photo realistic animations so what the creator, Deino, has done is put heaps of distortion into the video, as well as only doing quick shots with lots of motion at the character. Which so much for your mind to take in, it’s easy to not notice some of the problems with the animation (of which there are a few).

In general, I really like this song. As I said earlier it has this really awesome energy to it, the only shame is that it’s so short and that the other songs Technorch (the creater of the Nehanshika) made aren’t nearly as good. I haven’t actually listened to many Vocaloids, it’s hard to find the good few in a sea of garbage. I will, however, leave you with a vocaliod that is so much more disturbing than Nehanshika, but in a different, much more awesome way (totally safe for work). I am also fairly sure that this thing is my most viewed video on the tube. I’d recommend listening to it on full volume, I promise you won’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “Nehanshika: WTF, Vocaloid, Addictive

  1. I dont know if u’re still alive or not (LOL) but if u have any song that creeps like this song.. Please do tell me coz im Contaminated T^T

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