The Facebook Virus

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Ok, so Facebook just went into lockdown a few minutes ago, I’m not sure when the problem started, people seem to be calling this the Facebook ‘virus’.

What would happen is it would appear like someone just posted on your wall saying “I hate you. Go die. Why don’t you fuck yourself. The only way to block this is click remove app” (or something similar, Facebook removed the original messages). Just below would be a link saying “remove app”. Most people click it right away not knowing what it actually was. Instead of a removal button it was a link to a javascript program on Dropbox that would run when click. The program seems like it would then post the same message that you got to every one of your friends walls, complete with the link. Because of how instinctive clicking remove is this spread at an alarming rate.

Facebook seems to have removed it now, however this has had the side effect of locking down the news feed to not being able to go back further than a few minutes ago. IPhone was related to this in some way, possibly auto spamming the message. I guess we’ll know more in a few days time. I’m impressed by Facebook by the speed at which they responded to this by shutting down the wall. It is possible that there is some kind of automated system put in place to stop these kinds of things which only activates once it reaches a critical mass.

From what I can tell this attack was focused on compramising Facebook accounts, not peoples computers, still, running a virus scan couldn’t hurt. You should defiantly change your password to Facebook if your account was spamming other people. If it’s too much trouble remembering and coming up with new passwords use LastPass to create  and keep track of passwords for you. Heck, even if you weren’t comprimised you should start using LastPass.

The source of this was a girl called Nicole Santos, which is also why there are so many hate groups about her on Facebook now.

Next time you see something fishy on your Facebook wall, like someone you’re good friends with telling you to fuck yourself, think before doing what the bad thing tells you to do. Still, it was pretty exciting to watch. Just one thing, could we please not make a thousand Facebook groups about this? Please?


9 thoughts on “The Facebook Virus

  1. “Just one thing, could we please not make a thousand Facebook groups about this? Please?”

    Too late.

    I did get about three of these though, but they appear to be deleted when I try accessing them via my notifications, which is probably definitely a good thing…

  2. I thank you for writing this blog post because I was at the supermarket when it happened and only got back as the backlash started. Now I know what actually happened.

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