My Driving Adventure

People, sit down. Because last week I went to a party. Yes, I can hear you exclaiming from here.

At 8 I got picked up by my BFF Leah and she took me down. I navigated from the directions she downloaded from Google Maps and she drove and we got to the party in 25 minutes.

Unlike me, Leah has a job and she had to be there pretty early the next morning, so we worked out that we would have to leave the party at  6:30 in the morning to get there. Not that we let that tiny detail stop us! Oh no, we stayed up until 3:30 that morning having a great time before everyone who was staying the night went to bed.

This may have affected our cognitive processes, because in the morning Leah and I drove in the complete wrong direction to where we were supposed to be going. If you drew a straight line from where we were supposed to be going, to where we started and kept on going, that is where we went. Luckily we decided that nothing looked familiar (remember that when we came up it was dark so we didn’t know what any of the land marks looked like) and turned around. Unluckiily for us, after we turned around we still didn’t see any landmarks that we knew.

I’d like to take a moment to point out that I want to follow all the signs that said where we wanted to get to was only 30km away. Leah, however, was the driver and she wanted us to follow the path that we were ‘meant’ to be travelling. So after a quick call from her step dad, we got back on the right path. Except either her step dad was wrong or we were so tired that she got the wrong end of the stick, because Leah though he told her to go back the way we came. The wrong way. So off we went again! And I gotta say, we got pretty far before her mum called and and set her going the right way again. Much further than we went the first time.

And THAT is how you make a 25 minute car trip last 2 hours.


One thought on “My Driving Adventure

  1. Well.
    Firstly i apologise for being unable to follow directions.
    Also for getting grumpy.
    And doing many illegal u-turns.

    And now you have a comment on this post 😀

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