My Fanfic of Real Life

My good friend Penguins does a thing called Story Saturday where she writes a story featuring her friends every Saturday. Sadly, due to illness (or something) she couldn’t do it last Saturday and got me to fill in for her, writing a story about my friends. After reading it a lot of people commented that it read like a fanfic, so I decided to call it a fanfic of real life. So, as this is the first thing I’ve written for ages please go over there and tell me what you think of it back here:


One thought on “My Fanfic of Real Life

  1. You asked people to tell you what they thought of it back here..
    And no one did. Or has yet. How rude.
    Allow me to be the first.
    Having no idea what a fanfic is, and not knowing the characters involved, I still found your story rather amusing. You write well, child.
    My only criticism would be the boob obsession throughout and your concietedness.

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