Do Real Men Wear Shorts?

Yesterday was pretty hot, so I decided to crack out the old shorts. Only problem was, I hadn’t worn shorts in so long that I didn’t really know what kind is ‘in’ for guys at the moment. So I put on some non-discrepant ones and too notice of what shorts the guys were wearing at uni, and I learnt something. Apparently guys don’t wear shorts. I mean, sure, there was that one guy wearing shorts, but he was wearing crocks too, so he wasn’t exactly a fashion guru. And there was that other guy wearing tight shorts, but the rest of his clothes were tight too, actually, judging by the way he walked, there’s a good chance that he’s gay.

I gotta say though, I miss wearing shorts. Even if it isn’t cool, everything seems so much nicer when you’re free to move around. I think I’m going to stick it to the man and wear shorts anyway, just to spite people. “LOOK AT ME. I’M WEARING SHORTS AND ENJOYING MYSELF. SIT THERE IN YOUR COOLNESS AND BE UNCOMFORTABLE.”


14 thoughts on “Do Real Men Wear Shorts?

  1. Um, I don’t think people don’t wear shorts anymore Tom! I saw lots of people wearing shorts yesterday, and I can tell you that shorter, tight denim shorts do seem to be in fashion at the moment, and on the right guys (ie. tanned and muscly) they’re pretty sexy. Just my two cents.

    • I don’t think tight denim shorts are hot, unless you happen to be a gay man. And I’m pretty sure about people not wearing them much, I was looking all of today and yesterday.

  2. Not intending to contradict Karagh but; No. Short shorts are not good. Denim shorts on guys are not good. Expecially those ratty ones with the frayed ends. Longer shorts are better.

  3. Ew, no 3/4 pants on men.
    And I don’t mean like, really short shorts. Just those ones that sit just above the knee!
    Well, I think they’re hot anyway… Maybe gay men is my thing.

  4. I think just below the knee. I mean, no offence Tom, but you’re a little on the skinny side, and skinny mens knees look funny. But there isn’t anything wrong with them you just need to follow basic rules.

  5. Thank you for this forum, and thank you Karagh and Chloe. I’m straight and love my short denim shorts and tall socks, but they sure get some people riled–especially other straights. So I’m grateful for every encouraging word from the girls. Shorts — real shorts — are just too much fun to give up.

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