I killed Christine

Our time together was so sweet, yet such love is not meant to last. In this case it lasted a week before I killed her. I feel I should point out that Christine is the name of my car.

I was driving along with Dad, doing our usual Saturday round of the garage sales (which is a great way to find cheap awesome things, like my $10 espresso machine) when we saw this dusty car idling outside one of the houses with a garage sale. Me and Dad went to investigate and discovered that it was for safe for a meer $800 dollars! Not satisfied with that though we bargined down until we got it $660, and told Mum when we got home that it was $600 because that’s the limit that we agreed on.

Me and Dad were very happy with it, I got really excited. When Monday came around I got my P2s and we registered it. We also hard to put more break fluid in it in the parking lot by the store because it was so very very close to running out. We also put three new tires on it, after finding one brand new tired in the boot. I think that the previous owner forgot that it existed otherwise he would have kept it for himself.

As you can tell, we were all getting really excited about it.

Dad was also teaching me how to drive a manual, which was going much better than I thought it would, I was actually going really well. I was capable of driving myself easily, but it took more concentration than I was used to and I wasn’t really going to impress anyone any time soon.

In the middle of all this I got a job picking apricots, I had to be at work at 7:30 am, but it was just out of town so it didn’t really matter. I bought the car on Saturday, registered it on Monday and my first day was next Tuesday, that Sunday I’d slept over at a mate’s place because she was having a gaming night so I hadn’t really gotten much sleep. On top of that I’d stayed up till ten the night before talking to people on Facebook and I also wasn’t used to waking up so early because it was the holdidays. So I got in the car, still kind of sleepy and drove to work.

Or, better put I tried to, because I crashed the car at the intersection. I stopped for the red light and so did the guy across from me. I was going to turn right and he was going to go straight and when the light turned green I drove right into his way. Dad had to come tow Christine away and my boss told me to go home on my first day. The other car was fine because it was a huge 4WD with a massive bullbar and we only hit at a slow speed because we only just took off, however it still messed me up for the rest of the day, it’s something about car accidents that really unsettle you. I was also really sad for losing Christine so early in our relationship together.

So what’s the point of telling this story? Well, other than stopping people from wondering why I’ve suddenly stopped talking about my car (I imagine people obsess over what I talk about on Facebook) I also really want to tell people not to drive when they’re tired. I thought it’d be ok because it was the morning and I’ve been driving for a while but it really wasn’t. At the point it could have been anything and I wouldn’t have seen it, I didn’t even look at where the guy was, that’s how tired I was. It doesn’t matter how good you are at driving if you’re too notice what’s going on. DON’T DRIVE WHEN YOU’RE TIRED. I was lucky, but I could easily have had a much worse crash.