Review: College Life

Here’s a quick quiz.

  • Do you want to study hard and get good grades?
  • Do you enjoy your privacy and/or quiet time?
  • Did you hate the social pressures of high school?
  • Is independence  and ability to do what you want something you value?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’d hate college. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not for everyone.

The bad things:

  • Small rooms. Rooms so small that you cannot possibly have people over comfortably.
  • No privacy. At all times I know exactly what my college buddies relationship status is. Exactly.
  •  Shitty food. I mean, I get it though. It’s hard to make good food for one hundred people.
  • No oven. It’s true. I have no oven.
  • Set meal times. After years of having tea at exactly 5:25 it starts getting to you. I want to choose when to eat! If I’m doing something super important I want to be able to delay eating.
  • No personal space. I mean sure, there’s my room, but there’s no place I can decorate properly and make my own.
  • The clothes dryer runs off of twenty cent coins, which have made them a prized possession around the college, like cigarettes in a prison.
  • Constant loudness. And I mean constant, this doesn’t stop at midnight.

The good things:

  • You don’t have to cook your own food.
  • I’m now much better at cooking things in a microwave.
  • Less responsibilities.
  • They provide clean sheets. That’s pretty awesome, right?
It’s half way between living with your parents and having a place of your own but doesn’t really contain the best of both worlds.

Score: 3/10, would not do again.