On Going to the Cinema

Since moving into a place within walking distance of a cinema I’ve enjoyed going to a few more movies than I had previously. In general I enjoy it, sometimes I even go by myself so that nobody bugs me. That’s the second worst thing that can happen in the movies, someone sits with you and makes jokes. If you’re going to interrupt me being immersed in a movie with jokes, you have a responsibility to be hilarious, sadly people who talk through movies often aren’t. Since I don’t have a TV I watch movies on my computer and the temptation is always there to alt tab and go on Facebook during boring parts. But then the boring parts are actually setting something up, and then you missed a scene, and then you wonder why the movie sucks when your friends told you it was totally awesome.

The very worst thing though, is 3D movies. Here’s why:

  1. They cost more. Going to the cinema is expensive enough already, I don’t want to pay even more.
  2. They can hurt your eyes.
  3. They make the movie darker. If I’m wanting to take my glasses off because the picture is better without them then there’s a problem.
  4. Does it really add that much to the movie? Sure it sometime seems like things are coming towards me, but it’s a gimmick that’s only used once or twice in a movie. And it’s really conspicuous when you later watch the movie on DVD (Resident Evil: Afterlife) and things are constantly getting flung towards the camera.
  5. It can be distracting. Last night I watched Abraham Lincon: Vampire Hunter and there was once scene where a post was getting 3D’d in the foreground and it was difficult to focus on what was going on in the actual shot. There were other scenes where small things, like a desk with a telephone would be in front of the character, but the 3D makes the audiences eyes focus on it instead of the character in the scene.
  6. It’s shit.

It’s not all bad though. I feel sorry for people who didn’t see Prometheus or The Avengers at the movies. Those two movies in particular took advantage of the sound system and huge screens. Watching these movies at home just wouldn’t compare to seeing Hulk smash huge space snakes on the big screen or feeling the rumble when Prometheus breaks into the atmosphere

Going to the movies by yourself really isn’t that bad either and it’s the best way to get 100% into it. I went and saw Moneyball by myself as a treat at the end of the semester and I have zero regrets about it. Inititally I was a bit embarrassed, it seemed like everyone else who was there was with a friend, more specifically a friend of the opposite sex. But luckily the cinema was packed so nobody could tell that I was alone. In fact, I’m pretty sure this girl who came with her friend was touching my leg part way through the movie.

Here’s my other movie tip, get food before you go. Eat like a fat man in a pudding factory. Before I saw Abe Lincon I had a this huge coffee thickshake (deliciousness) and a mars bar (this was also my dinner). Because movie food is expensive. Nothing wrong with bringing in a packet (or two) of tim tams.

Final thoughts: Why is my spell check putting a red line under ‘movies’?