About Me

My name is Tom Parker and I have a problem.

Alot of the time I’m bored.

And worse yet, I’ve notice that lots of other people are bored too!

So I decided to start this blog Crusade Against Boredom, where I can chronicle my battle against this great enemy that is boredom.

Some people have said “Tom, why don’t you just study harder?”

Because generally it’s BORING and doesn’t lead to a good story. I’ve noticed that I don’t mind so much when something bad happens as long as I get a good story about it. I’m like those stand up comedians who gets arrested by the police, fined a couple hundred dollars then say that they were ‘researching’. The whole experience probably only got them forty seconds of material, but it’s ok because it’s ‘research’.

And that is why I undertake projects like programming ridiculous things, or writing stupid stories like Sir Shiny Pants.

I hope that by reading this you may combat this deadly plauge and reduce your own boredom. If you have, please sent me an e-mail at itchy-bum92@hotmail.com, I love hearing from people. It’s my belief that you could walk up to a person on the street and have them tell you their life story and that it would be interesting. That and one day I did a check and found out about a third of my visitors are from America. I was surprised.. to say the least..

On that tune, if you have any feedback for things that could make this more interesting, or if you even want to write something (anything) in here, please don’t be afraid to send a message, I really want to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. If we’re making suggestions i’m sure your readers would love to read the adventures of Sir Shiney Pants.

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